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    A Gift of Grace
    07.10.22 | Stories | Edited by The Fellowship

    In the summer of 2018, our oldest daughter and two of our three granddaughters from North Carolina were in town visiting.  Our oldest granddaughter was taking summer classes at the University of TN in Knoxville. A few days into the...

      The Best Time
      07.03.22 | Stories | Edited by The Fellowship

      Since 2005, The Fellowship has sent mission teams to international destinations like Indonesia and Mozambique while other teams have concentrated on a variety of local ministries. What we have not had was a destination in the United States for...

        In Desperate Times
        06.26.22 | Stories | Edited by The Fellowship

        Were you even aware of Ukraine and its location before Russia invaded it in February? Or that two years ago, it was the world’s second largest exporter of grain? My husband and I had the joyful opportunity of making seven short-term mission...

          A Servant Heart
          06.19.22 | Stories | Edited by The Fellowship

          When our daughter got married 25 years ago, we were delighted with our new son-in-law.  He was Mr. Personality Plus, charming, handsome, and fun to be around. Most importantly, he was a committed Christian who had been brought up in the...

            God's Light - The Best Disinfectant
            06.12.22 | Stories | Edited by The Fellowship

            Recently, one of our pastors spoke about how letting God shine a light into the darkest places of our lives can be a painful, but sanctifying experience.  I can attest, firsthand, to the absolute truth of this statement.  My story is...

              New Hope
              06.05.22 | Stories | Edited by The Fellowship

              In December 2019, my one-year-old baby son and I moved back home after a brief stint in the military reserves.  My parents welcomed us so we could begin building a future.  After reaching out to dear friends from my previous job, I was...

                A Blank Slate
                05.29.22 | Stories | Edited by The Fellowship

                Growing up, I was the oldest of four girls.  My parents had many friends on our street, and there were lots of kids to play with.  It was a happy time.  I was often in charge of my little sisters as my mother was a...

                  Let It Be So
                  05.22.22 | Stories | Edited by The Fellowship

                  On Monday, August 30th of last year while driving to work, I remember thinking: Surely, I am not getting sick!  I was terribly sensitive to light and my forehead was pounding.  As the week progressed, it only got worse. Besides...

                    The Lost are Found
                    05.15.22 | Stories | Edited by The Fellowship

                    When I learned last Wednesday that the mother was missing of one of my grown son’s friends, I immediately notified the Prayer Team at The Fellowship.  An alert was sent to all the prayer warriors on the team; most of them were...

                      Out of My Control
                      05.08.22 | Stories | Edited by The Fellowship

                      My father was very strict. When teaching you something, he expected it to be remembered. For the most part as children, we held on to what he stressed as important. He loved to swim. When I was six, we moved from Minnesota to Florida where I...

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