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Discover Beginning Your STEP Track

STEP stands for Spiritual Transformation for Every Person. Our STEP Track is designed to be a discipleship overview that walks you from membership to mission.

There are four tracks taught as two separate classes.

Class 1

Discover  - Who is The Fellowship?
STEP In - Why join a group? Why serve?

Are you new to The Fellowship?  Do you have questions about the church? Do you want to learn how to become a member at The Fellowship?  

At our next Discover event,  you will have an opportunity to get those questions answered - and more!

You will discover The Fellowship story, our church vision as well as an introduction to STEP (Spiritual Transformation for Every Person) Track - Membership to Mission. This is the first step in The Fellowship's discipleship process. 

With STEP In, you will learn how to grow deeper in your faith by developing a Spiritual Workout. The outcome of consistently engaging in a rhythm of spiritual practices is that you will more full understand and experience the loving God we worship and learn more about how to become all that He wants you to be! We will also discuss groups, gifts and giving.

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Class 2

STEP Up - How do I lead well?
STEP Out - Can I impact the world around me?

Learn how to influence others for good and impact the world with STEP (Spiritual Transformation for Every Person) Track is our discipleship process here at The Fellowship ... and we want you to STEP Up and STEP Out.

STEP Up - How do I influence others for good? 
We believe that everyone has influence. That is why we believe in having I-C-N-U conversations. What God sees in you and knows about you will change how you view serving. You can gain the capacity to see others through the eyes of God. 
Influence - Everyone's a leader. 
Multiplication - Passing it on to others.
Developing Leaders - Investing in the future.

STEP Out - How do I impact the world that I live in? 
God is a sending God. He is on mission and we like to say, 'His church doesn't have a mission, as much as His mission has a church.' We as a church are sent into places we live, work and play as those who embody, both in action and word, the good news of Jesus Christ. 
Local Missions -  Serving the community right where you live.
Global Missions - Taking the Gospel around the world.
The Vulnerable - Caring for the least among us.

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