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Stories of answered Prayer
    Saving Harry
    08.27.23 | Stories | Edited by The Fellowship

    How we anticipated a special weekend recently when some elderly close friends invited our young family to join them on their live-aboard boat docked in Mississippi. On Saturday night while we all went out to dinner, it began raining and the dock...

      Reluctant Surrender
      08.20.23 | Stories | Edited by The Fellowship

      For nearly two years, I have felt the Lord telling me that my husband and I would have another child, that our family of four was not yet complete. My response each time was, "Ok, I hear You, but I am not ready." After nearly losing my life from...

        A Slow Fade
        08.13.23 | Stories | Edited by The Fellowship

        It's a slow fade when black and white have turned to gray. Thoughts invade, choices are made, a price will be paid - When you give yourself away. People never crumble in a day. It’s a slow fade. For the most part, I have always...

          Mysterious Malady
          08.06.23 | Stories | Edited by The Fellowship

          I have always been a really healthy person. On the rare occasions that I do get sick, it is invariably a mild case. That is why what happened this spring is so baffling to me. In late April I was on a trip with friends. I was not feeling great...

            Showing Off
            07.30.23 | Stories | Edited by The Fellowship

            Each summer, my family volunteers at a camp for families with special needs members. It is something we look forward to every year and are so blessed to be a part of. My family and I recently packed up and headed into the mountains of East...

              A Fiery Trial
              07.23.23 | Stories | Edited by The Fellowship

              My son-in-law is an Emergency Room doctor.  With his compassion, knowledge and ability to grasp a situation and make fast decisions, he is perfect for the role and loves what he does.  The last few years have been particularly...

                A Place in My Heart
                07.16.23 | Stories | Edited by The Fellowship

                I had never paid much attention to bees until one particular summer when my wife, two children, and I visited my parents in upstate New York.  We always looked forward to spending time with many family members in that area. That summer, my...

                  A Greater Plan
                  07.09.23 | Stories | Edited by The Fellowship

                  My fiancé had been drafted into the Army and was blessed to be trained as a Medic since his lifelong dream was to become a doctor.  He was immediately sent overseas, and our plan was to marry when he came back to the States. Upon his...

                    At the First Sign of Trouble
                    07.02.23 | Stories | Edited by The Fellowship

                    It all started just a few months ago in February.  My phone began ringing with calls from bill collectors who were asking for my ex-husband.  I politely told them that it had been more than ten years since my divorce from this man --...

                      Faithfulness Beyond Belief
                      06.25.23 | Stories | Edited by The Fellowship

                      I was 17 in 2003 when my mom died from cancer.  It crushed my dad who ended up going to the Philippines to start a new life and a new family!  My sister was in college and my three brothers were a lot older with their own families. I...

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