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Stories of answered Prayer
    Alternative Plans
    11.10.19 | Stories | Edited by Nancy Newbrough

    As a single mom with four children working two nursing jobs to make ends meet, I was stretched beyond capacity!  Recently divorced, I was struggling to establish a sense of normalcy for my children while dealing with a grieving heart. ...

      Angels Rejoice
      11.03.19 | Stories | Edited by Nancy Newbrough

      For several years, I have been employed to take care of a woman who became seriously disabled when she had a stroke.  Her husband takes over the duties at night, and on weekends another caregiver comes in.  A few weeks ago, my lady had...

        In An Instant
        10.27.19 | Stories | Edited by Nancy Newbrough

        It was a typical morning a couple of weeks ago with no warning of the challenge to come.  On my schedule that day was a 9:00 am meeting of a Christian charitable organization.  I give a ride to the meetings to three elderly ladies in...

          When God is Ready
          10.20.19 | Stories | Edited by Nancy Newbrough

          After 31 years of steady employment, I recently lost my job … terminated … fired … let go!  I did not see it coming.  I did not think that would ever happen to me, but it did! Devastation is an understatement!...

            To Be A Friend
            10.13.19 | Stories | Edited by Nancy Newbrough

            In May I found myself having yet another heated argument with one of my teenage daughters. I left the house crying and went for a walk. I really wanted to talk to another mom, not only for possible suggestions, but also so I could hear that my...

              A God-Sized Project
              10.06.19 | Stories | Edited by Nancy Newbrough

              More than a decade ago, a Christian couple from a predominantly Christian Asian nation answered God’s call to move with their children to another Asian nation -- one that is almost exclusively another world religion.  How do you even...

                Out of The Overflow
                09.29.19 | Stories | Edited by Nancy Newbrough

                Some years ago, my wife and I were very active members of The Fellowship.  We left Katy to answer God’s call on our lives to take the gospel to the students on a huge university campus in Texas. Our vision to help fulfill the Great...

                  Through the Dark Valley
                  09.22.19 | Stories | Edited by Nancy Newbrough

                  Fifteen years ago, we began the journey that proved to us and others the faithfulness of God to His children.  This journey demonstrated to us that our God is still a miracle-working God.  This journey forged in iron forever our belief...

                    Faced with Fear
                    09.15.19 | Stories | Edited by Nancy Newbrough

                    During the next six months, once in a while I would experience a bit of pain in the jaw that was quickly alleviated with pain meds. But then I also began having weird sensations in my lower lip. At my next six-month checkup, nothing had changed...

                      Stepping Aside
                      09.08.19 | Stories | Edited by Nancy Newbrough

                      When my son married five years ago, he and his wife felt led to missionary life. After serving at a Houston area university, they believed that God was calling them for something more. Their initial thought was to move to Oregon, which I felt was...