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Prayer Stories

Stories of answered Prayer
    WE is better than ME
    01.30.22 | Stories | Edited by The Fellowship

    About a year ago, Pastor Jerry delivered a message one Sunday morning on how “no prayer goes unheard.” I have a young adult son, 27, who is on the high-functioning spectrum of autism. I have struggled all his life to foster a deep...

      Keep on Praying
      01.23.22 | Stories | Edited by The Fellowship

      I grew up on a farm in West Texas, and when I was old enough, my dad expected me to help with the farming.  I began working in the fields hoeing and picking cotton when I was 11.  Farm work includes a lot of machinery, primarily...

        On the Brink
        01.16.22 | Stories | Edited by The Fellowship

        As a young girl, I loved to play with dolls and remember always wanting to be a mother. After graduating from high school, I went to Western Michigan University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in teaching. Before long, I met my...

          This Time was Different
          01.09.22 | Stories | Edited by The Fellowship

          As a mother, one’s worst fear is something happening to your child that is out of your control. Our seven-year-old son was diagnosed with a severe peanut and tree nut allergy at a young age. Despite being very careful at home, we have had...

            Unexpected Encounter
            01.02.22 | Stories | Edited by The Fellowship

            While finishing my run a few days ago, I was walking down the street toward my home when I saw a white truck pass by.  Watching it continue down the street, I saw the truck turn into a driveway.  Getting nearer, I could see that the...

              A Shining Moment
              12.26.21 | Stories | Edited by The Fellowship

              It was about 4 p.m. on December 24 some years ago in Van Horne, Iowa, and I had not played the piano all day!  That was really bothering me because it was Christmas Eve, and I had a burning desire to express my joyful Christmas feelings...

                So Much Blessing
                12.19.21 | Stories | Edited by The Fellowship

                As we think back on how God has moved in our lives, my husband and I are beyond amazed!  God has given us so much more than we could hope -- a family of friends we love so much, security, peace in our hearts, gratitude, and purpose for our...

                  Always Be Prepared
                  12.12.21 | Stories | Edited by The Fellowship

                  Having grown up in Chicago, I was blessed when my family moved to Allen, Texas, (northeast of Dallas) while I was in high school.   After graduating this past May, I was excited to be able to continue my education at one of the mega state...

                    Ordering Our Steps
                    12.05.21 | Stories | Edited by The Fellowship

                    My wife and I recently took a trip with two friends to their vacation home on Lake Tahoe.  We were blown away by the gorgeous pines and mountain scenery surrounding the lake -- truly God’s invisible qualities on display through His...

                      Taking the Wheel
                      11.28.21 | Stories | Edited by The Fellowship

                      August was a very difficult month because during the first week, I came down with the Covid Delta variant -- even though I had been fully vaccinated.  As a 65-year-old woman, I know that every day I spend on this earth is in the hands of my...

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