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Stories of answered Prayer
    Amazing Ending
    12.06.20 | Stories | Edited by Nancy Newbrough

    In March, I learned from my boss about an important meeting to be conducted by our CEO.  That meeting brought an announcement that our company would be restructured significantly.  While I fully agreed that the change was...

      In His Hands
      11.29.20 | Stories | Edited by Nancy Newbrough

      When my father’s second wife passed away at the end of 2016, we had no idea that her will (as well as my father’s) had not been updated since they first married in the early 1980’s. My dad has had to spend many, many hours...

        No Way to Explain It
        11.22.20 | Stories | Edited by Nancy Newbrough

        On November 11, 2017, we welcomed a beautiful baby girl into our family. She was four weeks early after an uneventful pregnancy and a delivery that went very smoothly. Scarlette Jean was perfect! The day we were scheduled to be discharged from...

          A Sign From God
          11.15.20 | Stories | Edited by Nancy Newbrough

          What some people see as a problem, others see as an opportunity.  And what an opportunity we have been given to step out in faith this year! My wife and I have worked to reach unsaved students with the gospel on a major Texas college...

            The Joy of Sharing
            11.08.20 | Stories | Edited by Nancy Newbrough

            At Thanksgiving in 2015, my husband and I decided to do something different to express our gratitude to God: handing out meals to the homeless community in San Francisco, California.  At that time, we lived close by.  With the...

              To Make a Difference
              11.01.20 | Stories | Edited by Nancy Newbrough

              I have prayed a simple prayer almost every day for the last 25 years -- that God would use me to make a difference in the lives of other people and to further His kingdom.  That simple prayer has had amazing results.  I have always...

                Returning the Love
                10.25.20 | Stories | Edited by Nancy Newbrough

                On August 25th at our daily staff prayer time, Pastor Joe Carollo shared that his in-laws had property in the unincorporated community of Hackberry, Louisiana. He passionately told about his personal strong connection to Hackberry and many...

                  Not Done Yet
                  10.18.20 | Stories | Edited by Nancy Newbrough

                  Covid 19 has changed so much for all of us!  Because I am an avid runner and triathlete, that also has meant races getting cancelled or postponed.  I was bummed that my April Iron-man Texas 70.3 got postponed to November.  But I...

                    Wake Up Call
                    10.11.20 | Stories | Edited by Nancy Newbrough

                    Alcohol is a very deceitful substance because it stimulates the brain to release endorphins and dopamine that bring feelings of pleasure and act as a natural painkiller, but it is also very addictive. Alcoholism results in untold destruction of...

                      Green Means Go
                      10.04.20 | Stories | Edited by Nancy Newbrough

                      My husband and I have been married for 24 years.  Since the day we said, “I do,” he has desired to move out of California.  But I was born and raised there, and our entire family has lived in one city connected to one main...

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