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Katy Feed the Hunger Packathon

Saturday, February 24, 2024, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Address: Faith West Academy Gymnasium, 2225 Porter Road, Katy, TX US 77493

Contact: Glenn Lerich

Get Ready To Have The Most Fun You've Ever Had...In A Hairnet! There's a job for everyone - ages 5 to 105.

“Hunger has no ears,” so people have a difficult time hearing the Gospel when they are hungry. A Packathon is a hands-on service opportunity that is truly rewarding and will bring you together with other people in a way our community rarely sees. Beyond the event, your work will go toward providing more and more at-risk children a physical meal every day of the school year, and with that ... the emotional and spiritual food that comes from being nurtured by our Christian partners. Feed the Hunger meal packets are designed to help malnourished children and families, both here in the United States and overseas.

In 2023, the Katy Feed the Hunger Packathon packed more than 500,000 meals over three days, and the SE Texas region packed over 1,000,000 meals during multiple packathons and made up the biggest packing region in all of Feed the Hunger's packing footprint. You are a big part of Feed the Hunger.

Put together a team of friends, family, neighbors, or your LIFE Group! Do you have kids ages 5 to 18 years? Because of our generous congregation, The Fellowship is able to sponsor up to 100 school-age kids for free when their parents register at the published cost. Email to receive the promo code for kid sponsorship and use the promo code when you register yourself and your child(ren). There is a limited number of kid sponsorships so don't delay registering.

If you own a business, the packathon is a great way to promote your business by sponsoring a 1/2 or full station and bring your staff as a team building exercise. There is nothing more powerful than your staff having the shared experience that they can carry back to your business. Email to get more details about the perks of promoting your business.

This next instruction is super important to follow. Feed the Hunger requires that EVERYONE have an organizational affiliation entered and a team name so that they can easily track how many people have registered from an organization. During the registration process there will be a data entry cell for that information. Please enter THE FELLOWSHIP/Team Name. If you are not part of a team please enter THE FELLOWSHIP/Individual.

Register at this LINK, be sure to put your team name and THE FELLOWSHIP as your church affiliation.


Individual Sponsorship: $68/person

Half Station Sponsorship: $815 (12 participants)

Full Station Sponsorship: $1650 (25 participants)


Session 1: Thursday, February 22 6-8 pm

Session 2: Friday: February 23, 6-8 pm

Session 3: Saturday, February 24, 9-11 am

Session 4: Saturday, February 24, 12-2 pm

Session 5: Saturday, February 24, 3-5 pm

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