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WE is better than ME

    Jan 30, 2022 | by The Fellowship

    About a year ago, Pastor Jerry delivered a message one Sunday morning on how “no prayer goes unheard.” I have a young adult son, 27, who is on the high-functioning spectrum of autism. I have struggled all his life to foster a deep father/son relationship with this middle son.

    God gave me three sons.  The oldest is so like me that we have always understood each other and have a great relationship.  Our youngest son was a special needs child (an earth angel) and needed a great deal of time and attention from his parents.  The son on the autism spectrum, as is typical, struggled with relationships and kept quiet and out of the way.  He is incredibly intelligent, has been using computers since starting school, is a self-taught computer programmer, and is now obsessed with a game he is creating for the computer.  To say he is addicted to computers is no exaggeration!  He supports himself very successfully by day trading in crypto-currencies.    

    The challenge of having a more-than-superficial relationship with him was further complicated four years ago with the death of my special-needs son and a tragic divorce shortly thereafter. These unforeseen events shattered my family with each of us going in our own and separate direction. 

    Since then, I have tried repeatedly to reach out and connect to my middle son – with absolutely no response. It became evident that the only thing I could do was to pray and ask fellow believers, including The Fellowship Prayer Team, to pray for us as well.  My prayers - day after day - have been to keep him safe and to bring us back together.  Days have passed into months and beyond as I have never stopped praying, still clinging to the fact that no prayer goes unheard.  

    Two weeks ago, I received a late night call from this son. He was severally ill, in horrible pain, and by himself at the emergency room of the county hospital.  I could hear the desperation in his voice and the fear from not knowing what was happening to him.  Assuring him that I was on my way, I hurriedly got dressed and began the long drive to the Medical Center – talking to God nonstop.  Thanksgiving that my son had finally reached out to me and my pleas for our Lord to heal him were tripping over each other.

    Then my cell phone rang again.  The hospital had quarantined him because of Covid rules and they would not let me in to see him, so I turned around and went back home.  The calls kept coming!  He had to remain in the hospital for 14 hours until test results were received.  By then the pain had subsided.  But a urinary tract infection had been revealed.  It was suspected that the passing of a kidney stone had been the cause of the pain – which is said to be as bad as that of childbirth.  No wonder he was so scared!

    And he needed a place to recuperate for a while.  Why?  Because he has been living downtown in his car!  I was shocked because I know he has money.  His explanation was that he did not want to waste his money on rent when he could invest it or use it to develop his computer game.  I gladly invited him to come stay with me.

    That relationship I have prayed for so fervently is beginning to happen.  He is gradually starting to open up and share things with me.  I am content to let God work in His timing and see what develops.  What a blessing to be available to show my son how much he means to me!  And to share with him that “we is better than me” as our church has been learning in the current sermon series.    

    Our God is such a faithful and loving Father!  He hears each and every prayer!

    M. H.

    Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.  
                                                  Psalm 27:14                                               

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