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Unforgettable Present

    Dec 22, 2019 | by Nancy Newbrough

    For many years I was a faithful member at The Fellowship.  It was there I heard the gospel preached repeatedly and after searching and studying the Bible, I believed in Jesus as my Lord and Savior and surrendered my life to Him.  Making Him Lord of my life meant that I was to serve in His Kingdom, and I worked in several ministries --  one of them almost continuously. 

    I left The Fellowship when I married several years ago and moved to the Palm Desert area of California.  It was a huge blessing when my Houston company allowed me to keep my job and work from home in California.

    My husband and I are members of a very small Hispanic church that is struggling to grow.  Everyone has to wear many hats to make the church function.  I serve as church secretary, but about a month ago, our pastor told me that he needed my help in creating weekly church bulletins -- and I agreed to try.

    Most of my personal communication is done on my phone or tablet.  But to prepare a bulletin requires a word processor and formatting.  I had recently taken out my old laptop (not used in years) and discovered that it no longer works because of being so outdated.

    My company provides a computer on which I do all my work, but it is not supposed to be used for personal reasons.  I decided to ask my company for permission to use the computer for just this one thing.  My supervisor said I could only use it during my lunch hour!  I knew that was not going to be nearly enough time as I also needed to eat during that time.

    So I had a conversation with the Lord: “God, you know that I want to serve you!  But I cannot afford a new computer.  If You really want me to prepare the bulletins, You will need to provide a computer.”  I did try to see what I could get done during lunch hour, but it was very stressful and not working!

    A few days ago, I called a good friend from The Fellowship, someone I had served in a ministry with for many years.  We talk every few months to stay in touch.  As we were sharing what is going on in our lives, I happened to mention my new bulletin assignment and accompanying frustrations.  She said, “Let me contact members in the ministry and see if one of them might have a laptop they no longer need and would like to donate.  Maybe someone is getting a new one for Christmas and would like to share their old one with you.”

    She sent out an email and almost immediately got a reply!  One of the men in the ministry said he would buy me a new laptop!  He shared that his boss had just told him about an upcoming raise, and he wanted to give thanks to God by blessing me with a computer!

    When I read the email, I was sobbing so uncontrollably that I could not tell my very concerned husband what was causing my tears!  I had forgotten my conversation with God, but He had not forgotten me!  There are not words to describe the joy in knowing that God hears my prayers and equips me with what I need to serve Him!  He has given me an unforgettable Christmas present!                                                                                                            


    May the God of peace, who through the blood of the
    eternal covenant brought back from the dead our
    Lord Jesus, that great Shepherd of the sheep, equip you
    with everything good for doing his will... 









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