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    May 19, 2024 | by The Fellowship

    I went in for a routine eye exam to upgrade my glasses prescription recently and opted to pay $39 extra to avoid having my eyes dilated. All was going very well until the optometrist began reviewing pictures of my eyes. I got real uncomfortable as he kept zooming in, focusing on the pictures of my left eye specifically. Seeing something there, too, I immediately thought it was a tumor in my eye.


    The doctor suggested that the dilation be done and the pictures retaken for a more detailed image of my left eye.  I reluctantly agreed. 


    After reviewing the new image, he concluded that some spots in my eye needed to be examined by a retinal specialist to determine if it was melanoma. What? Melanoma? How could I possibly have cancer in my eye? It did not make any sense to me. The doctor explained that the eyeball is an extension of my skin, and melanoma inside the eye is very possible. My mind was blown! 


    Fear tried to come in ... but I have learned not to drift into fear or worry. I strongly believe that the Lord will not give me anything that HE cannot handle. 


    Since it was Saturday, I had to wait to call the retinal specialist until Monday. The next available appointment was in two weeks. That left some time to let it all sink in.  I refused to drift into fear again. What if everything was going to be okay? My mind likes to envision worse case scenarios, but not this time. I surrendered all worries and concerns to Jesus, and chose to stay away from researching melanoma in the eye and treatments for it. I chose to trust Him instead of worrying about something out of my control.


    I even started cracking jokes about how I would get eye patches with uplifting messages, "rock" the pirate eye, and if I needed a fake eye, it would be teal (my favorite color).  I would look like an Australian Shepherd dog! 


    I had zero apprehensions, no stress whatsoever, and chose not to worry at all. "It is what it is and I know He has got me!” was my attitude. 


    The day before the appointment while at church some pastors at The Fellowship prayed over me. That night while watching a recording of a TobyMac concert, Jon Reddick was singing: "Turn it Around."  One of the verses is: "He's healing someone, He's healing someone ... right now." I was standing in front of the TV singing along and believing every word to be true. I almost wept because of feeling so deeply inside my heart that He was up to something. In that moment the Spirit overwhelmed me. 


    Pastor Brian reached out to me on the day of my appointment and I went to it not worried or concerned, trusting God no matter what. My Honey went with me -- along with a snack and drink bag – because we would be there several hours. 


    It began with a nurse asking questions, then dilating my eyes. Back we went to the waiting room. The next action was retaking the same pictures that the optometrist had done. But after seven images, the electricity went out!  There was no storm or high winds, but the electricity went out not once, but twice. The tech was flustered, but I was grinning and thanking Jesus. I just knew He was doing something -- but I had no idea what. When the electricity came back on, the tech could not understand how the images taken before the power outage saved to the computer. “It does not make any sense," he said. 


    The next member of the team shined more lights into my eye and studied the images. She seemed "stuck" on one particular image and called in the tech. "Is this the area of concern?" she asked him. I could tell something was different -- even with my eyes dilated. 


    I was sent back to the waiting room where my Honey was. Sharing with him what I had felt when the electricity went out, my words were: “I believe God is up to something!”  I do not believe in coincidence. Nothing happens in His world by mistake!


    Next came the meeting with the retinal specialist.  She entered the room with my file of information and sat in front of me. After asking some questions, she started by briefly shining a super bright light in my right eye … then proceeded to my left eye. She kept shining that light for some time like she was on a mission, but chatting the whole time. 


    Then she stated, "There is nothing here."


    "WHAT?" I exclaimed


    She calmly stated again, "There is absolutely nothing here. You can go home!"


    All I could say ... out loud in front of everyone in that exam room ... was "Thank You, Jesus!


    My Honey later told me that he saw the optometrist’s image next to the image taken that day and saw a difference in the pictures.  He asked the doctor,  "Is there nothing here that might have possibly been misconstrued? Could the optometrist have had the image at the wrong angle or is there another possible explanation of why it looked like melanoma? Because in the latest image  nothing is there!”


    The retinal specialist said, "There are parts of this I cannot explain!"

    His story.  His Glory.  I get to share this miracle of healing. Praise be to God!


    He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed,
    miracles that cannot be counted. 
    Job 5:9

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