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The Only Constant One

    Feb 20, 2022 | by The Fellowship

    I was recently talking to someone about different times God has shown up big-time in my life.  As I was reflecting, it reminded me of an incident roughly 15 years ago when I was still running an automotive repair facility with my brother.

    This particular day was slow, and I was alone in the shop.  So, it gave me an opportunity to work on some electrical wiring up in the ceiling that needed to be repaired.  I got the big extension ladder and set it against the wall close to where it meets the ceiling (about 20 feet up).  Because there was no one to hold the ladder, I blocked it off with rubber stops like door stops. Then I climbed up and started working.

    While reaching to pull the wire out, I noticed that the ladder started to move a little bit -- so I stopped. I got down, looked around carefully, and repositioned the ladder to hopefully make it more secure.  Getting back up, I started pulling on the wiring again.  

    But this time, I began stretching out a little further than I probably should have!  Soon I realized  that the ladder was moving and sliding. It all happened so quickly and I could not stop it.  I frantically looked for something to grab hold of, anticipating that the ladder was getting ready to fall.  Not seeing anything, I looked below to see where I would likely land!  Unfortunately, being an automotive repair facility, equipment and toolboxes were almost everywhere. There was only one small, uncluttered area -- but I had no control over where the ladder would throw me off.  “Lord, please protect me,” I frantically prayed.

     Next thing I know, the ladder went completely out from under me and I started falling facedown.  “Oh, Lord, please help!” was the last thing I remember before blanking out.  I came to lying on my back on the concrete floor. Apparently, somehow God turned me over and kept my head up so it would not hit the floor!  I landed in the only spot not covered by equipment or tools! 

    I was lying there, having a hard time breathing and not even knowing if I could move. One of my employees came back at that moment, noticed me on the ground and started freaking out a bit.  “What should I do,” he cried out.  I told him to leave me alone for a few minutes.  While trying to catch my breath, I was looking up and thanking the Lord.  He is the only one who could have put me in that bare spot without hitting my head.

     As I got my breath back and then started to move, I did so very slowly!  Every motion was agony, but it appeared nothing was broken. I went to get checked out at my doctor’s office where X-rays were taken and tests run, but according to the doctor, severe bruising was all that showed up.  Only my Heavenly Father could have protected me like this!

     I took the next few days off just to rest and recover, but made myself continue to move so I would not stiffen up.  While reflecting on the miracle that had occurred, I started to fully recognize that it was only by God’s grace that I had no major injuries or fractures and would completely recover.

    What a reminder of how much I need God in my life and how I do not have control. He is the only constant One that I can depend on!  He answers prayers, even those in an emergency that we do not have time to cry out.  May I never stop trusting in Him for He is Faithful and True!

    S. W. 

    So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed,
    for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you;
    I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.
    Isaiah 41:10


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