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The Best Decision

    Apr 16, 2023 | by The Fellowship

    I started experiencing pain and abnormal bleeding a year ago.  Through months of diagnostics, at least six uterine fibroids were found, one causing many issues including heavy and sporadic hemorrhaging. I was given three surgical options -- from minor surgery to the extreme of a total hysterectomy. Being employed in Medical Coding and Auditing, I truly understood the options and  the possibilities of complications with each. This was a blessing, but also a curse as I envisioned all the life-threatening complications -- no matter how small the risk was. I went back and forth on the options with my husband, my sisters, and even groups online to try to make my decision. I prayed every day for a sign from God.  Since I am a pretty impatient person, after a few days, I decided to take action.

    My first decision was for a lesser invasive surgery, but I was honestly basing it on less recovery time so I could go back to work sooner. Yes, I am also a workaholic – always have been my entire life! Also, only a month before my diagnosis, I was promoted to a leadership position which was a big step in my career … so I did not want to jeopardize that. This promotion was long-awaited and one for which I had prayed about nine months, but I got a position that was perfect for my Project Management skills. It was another attestation to God’s perfect timing, even though I was anxious and felt like I waited forever. As you can sense, my impatience got to me and I called to get the procedure scheduled.  I just wanted to get it done and go back to my life. But the next few days, I felt uneasy and knew in my heart that I had made the wrong decision. I guess this is what is called the Holy Spirit stirring in you?

    I had a conversation with a co-worker who suggested that I speak to my manager about this. God knew what I needed to hear and He had placed someone in my work organization to say it! During a scheduled one-on-one with my manager, I brought up my need for the surgery and all the facts. Unbeknownst to me, she had gone through the exact diagnosis and surgical options just a few years ago. She told me the reason why she choose the hysterectomy, and it would be okay for me to take all the time I needed to recover. It totally felt like God was speaking to me, and a weight was being lifted off my shoulders. I knew then and there that I needed the total hysterectomy to resolve my problem completely.

    The surgery was set up for after our summer vacation. Not having bought travel insurance, we did not want to reschedule our vacation.  One reason was it included celebrating my dad’s 70th birthday with other family members who would be flying in to attend. My gynecologist did confirm that it was okay to wait a bit, but not too long for the surgery.

     I continued research on how to make my recovery as smooth as possible -- including reaching out to a group of women with similar situations. I planned on going back to work after a week post-op, since I work remotely from home – another blessing God gave me seven years ago when I had my second child. Since typical recovery time is six weeks for this type of surgery, some people told me I was crazy.  But I knew it was doable based on those who had experienced the surgery without complications. However, I also prayed and asked God that if it was not His will for me to go back to work that soon, let His will be done. I knew He was the one in control.

    I went through the surgery in September and did go back to work within a week! I did not take pain meds after the first day, as I knew narcotics addiction is a true risk after any major surgery. Instead I used all natural Broad Spectrum CBD, which I had discovered a year ago to help with my arthritic symptoms. This helped me through all the pain and kept my head clear to function how I needed to.

     But returning to work so quickly was because of the support system of family and friends.  Weeks of meals were provided for my family as I healed. My girls and husband helped with the housework. By week eight, I no longer felt exhausted and started feeling normal again. I am now six months post-op … and God has healed me!

    I have learned that if we are walking with the Lord, and both ask Him and listen for an answer when making major decisions, He puts people in our lives to guide us. He knows our intentions and if they are not right, the Holy Spirit will steer us to the best decision. Through all this, I have learned patience (though I still struggle with that), to trust that God’s timing is perfect, and His “Will” will be done.


    The Lord will guide you always …
    Isaiah 58:11


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