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Such a Bond

    Apr 3, 2022 | by The Fellowship

    Fourteen years ago, the Lord sent a very special child into our lives – a grandson with Down Syndrome.  He has brought untold joy into our lives as well as a new appreciation for God’s tender care and provision for this child’s needs to be met.

    Our grandson has been going to school since he was very young and has been blessed with every opportunity to enhance his development.  When his speech did not develop, further investigation revealed that in addition to having Down Syndrome, he is also autistic.  But advanced technology has provided an incredible way for him to communicate.  His IPad has a special program that shows pictures of anything or anyone he might need or want.  All he has to do is click!

    Down Syndrome/autistic children thrive on the same daily routine and on knowing what will happen next.  Similarly, they find great comfort in seeing the same people every day.  Any disruption in their routine or having to interact with unfamiliar people can easily cause stress and frustration for them.

    My grandson’s older sister and only sibling is a senior in high school.  Her parents had planned for some time to take her on a trip during Spring Break before she graduates.  The family has a wonderful Nanny who helps with our grandson when he is not at school or when his parents need to be away from home.  He is as comfortable with her as any of his family members.  They planned for her to take care of him in their home while they were away.  However, when our daughter approached her about their trip, the Nanny said her husband had also made Spring Break plans, and she would not be available.

    All of us began to pray for a solution to the problem.  God is so faithful!  He never runs out of resources!  My daughter learned that one of our grandson’s teachers sometimes takes care of special needs children in her home when their parents have to be away.  This teacher spends time every day with our grandson and even eats lunch with him daily to make sure he does not choke – as he sometimes tries to stuff too much food in his mouth.  She knows him well, and he is very comfortable with her.  AND she was available to care for him over Spring Break!

    Since she and our grandson did not have school that week, they planned some special activities.  One of his favorite things to do is to ride the train in Hermann Park.  So, on Tuesday of Spring Break, he and his teacher went to Hermann Park to ride the train.  On their way home they stopped by a pharmacy to pick up some allergy meds.  They had to wait in line, and there was a grandpa behind them.  He had been watching them and had talked to them while they were waiting.  After they got the medicine and turned to leave, the grandpa said to our grandson’s teacher, “I have never seen such a bond between a child and a caregiver.  The way he looks at and responds to you is pure love.”  Then he took out his wallet, opened it, and gave her a $100 bill.  With tears in his eyes, he said, “Take this and treat yourselves to something you want - - not something you need.  I hope and pray for a caregiver like you for my grandchildren.”

    The teacher thanked him, and when she turned to leave, she noticed two other men in line were wiping their eyes, and she started crying, too.  We are so thankful that God provided such an obviously wonderful person to take care of our grandson.  May all glory, honor and praise go to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

                                                                                        A Grateful Grandmother

    your Father knows what you need before you ask Him.  
    Matthew 6:8

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