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Make Me a Blessing

    Dec 3, 2023 | by The Fellowship

    A few weeks ago when I woke up, in my morning prayer, I asked God to use me to be a blessing to others that day. That afternoon my husband had an appointment with a new  podiatrist and I was going to drive him there. Upon entering the office, my husband was immediately required to register as a new patient. After completing all the forms and a short wait, we sat in anticipation ready to meet the new physician because he had been highly recommended.

    The doctor came into the room with a big smile. After explaining the reason we were there, he began touching and carefully examining my husband’s foot. That triggered a memory from about 25 years ago when another podiatrist in a nearby city examined my feet in such a careful and almost loving way. It reminded me about how kind that doctor had been to me and how much he helped me.

    I kept debating in my mind about whether I should ask this new physician if he knew my old doctor. Would it sound ludicrous to ask if he knew a doctor I had not seen in 25 years and who was so much older than he? I kept getting this urge to ask, so I finally did. The words fell out of my mouth and the doctor stared at me in surprise. Then he said, “Yes, I know him!  In fact, I am going to his memorial service right after I am done here with you all!”

    My heart sank at that news. I asked in surprise, “He passed?”  The doctor was very still and said, “You did not know he died?” I told him no and relayed to him how sad it made me feel to hear the news.

    I went on to explain why my memories of him were so vivid.  Not only was he a very outstanding doctor, he had made it possible for me to have much needed operations on both my feet when I was a single mom struggling financially. His proposal had been to do the surgeries for half price if I would agree to let him perform them at a teaching hospital where his students could observe. Such a kind man!

    Our appointment ended with the doctor bandaging up my husband’s toe. During the process, he carefully showed me exactly how to do it so I could change the dressing before the next appointment in ten days.

    When we came for that appointment, my husband asked: “How was the memorial service?”  The doctor said it was meaningful. He turned to me and said, “I told everyone about you.”

    I asked, “What do you mean?”

    He explained, “I told them how you were in my office right before I left for the service -- and what a strange coincidence it was that you asked if I knew him. I also related to them your story of how kind he was to you.”

    How aware that made me of God’s hand in this!  I had asked to be a blessing that morning, and the Lord had given me the opportunity as a former patient to share a personal story about the deceased. Our new doctor then had the opportunity to pass it on to grieving family members and friends. It was not a strange coincidence at all. God was using me as a tool in a very meaningful way to celebrate a good man’s life and reinforce to his family and friends how compassionate and caring he was!


    … being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it
    on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. 
    Philippians 1:6


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