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Let It Be So

    May 22, 2022 | by The Fellowship

    On Monday, August 30th of last year while driving to work, I remember thinking: Surely, I am not getting sick!  I was terribly sensitive to light and my forehead was pounding.  As the week progressed, it only got worse. Besides debilitating headaches, my vision seemed to be deteriorating. I was seeing double, or not at all, out of my left eye.

    By Thursday, I almost had a car accident and was in full panic mode.  My doctor would not see me in person because of my “Covid-like” symptoms. I could not see in light, much less log onto a computer and stare at a screen.

    I called in sick on Friday and stayed in bed and out of light all weekend.  By Sunday, my sweet husband and mother were very concerned.  My parents had a new doctor and she called him.  The Lord is so amazing in orchestrating our lives and timing!  It turns out that doctor and I have a unique history. When selling pharmaceuticals, I called on him and we had a great sales relationship.  After much questioning, he called in medications for a severe sinus infection.

    On Monday morning, I felt like a new person -- but my vision seemed worse.  On Tuesday, this doctor scheduled an immediate CT scan and found an ophthalmologist.  At the appointment, I had lost 50% of the vision in my left eye.  Not liking what he saw on the scan, the ophthalmologist ordered an MRI.  God worked out every detail -- the waiting time for an MRI was months, but I was in on Thursday -- and by Friday, we had a diagnosis.

    Let me emphasize that nothing prepares you for an unexpected diagnosis!  When the eye doctor called to say I had a tumor sitting right where my optic nerves converge, and another at my skull base, I chuckled and told him that must be the wrong file and to please pick up the one with my name on it. 

    Once we got off the phone, I sat silently with tears rolling down my cheeks and sought the Lord’s guidance.  How do you tell your husband, kids, parents, and friends that you have brain tumors?

    A dear church friend’s husband, a surgeon at MD Anderson, helped find a world-renowned neurosurgeon who could remove the tumor at my optic nerves.  After a second opinion and more testing, brain surgery was scheduled.

    Praise Jesus, the surgery was a huge success with 100% of the tumor margins removed.  Recovery in Neuro ICU was not easy, but the Lord surrounded me with wonderful nurses who love Jesus! 

    When I was preparing to go home, a spinal fluid drain needed to come out of my back – which made me very nervous.  I realize now the Holy Spirit was preparing me for something else!  When the drain was removed, I felt light-headed and dizzy.  As the day progressed, I began losing my vision.  My eyes were incredibly dilated.  None of the doctors had a diagnosis or answers.  I stayed an extra night for more MRI’s of the brain and lower lumbar.  Nothing was found, so they released me.

    I woke up two nights later with fluid buildup in my lower back.  By the next morning, I was almost blind in my left eye and had even more fluid in my back.  Back to the hospital we went!  My surgeon was out of town, receiving a major award for his tumor/cancer research, but his fellows and residents were amazing!  After more scans, a small opening was found where the surgeon cut into bone to remove tumor fingers.  The resultant pressure suction was causing total loss of vision in my left eye.  His associate was prepared to go back in and patch up that small hole.  Our faithful Heavenly Father knew this was not what I wanted, and He gave me the courage to boldly grab the surgeon’s hand and ask if there was any other option.

    Thankfully, there was! The next morning at eight 0’clock, I had a much larger spinal blood patch. The OR was also booked -- just in case! The clock began ticking towards 2:00 p.m. when surgery would take place if the patch did not work. 

    After that spinal injection, I felt a huge difference -- and my vision seemed better. Would it be enough to avoid a second surgery?  I laid in the silence praying.  After a gentle knock at the door, a hospital chaplain came in.  Though my name was not on his list, he saw it on the surgery schedule and felt prompted to come by.  I am convinced the Lord sent an angel that day!  He anointed my head with oil and prayed the most beautiful prayer.  Then he asked if I believed that the Lord would heal me.  I did not hesitate to say: YES!  He smiled and said: Let it be so! -- and was gone.

    A peace I have felt only a handful of times came over me, and my vision began to fully restore.  Another surgery was not necessary!

    Now I am six months healed!  The second tumor being watched is totally gone, and my vision is near perfect.  How I thank the Lord for His incredible grace and for all the prayers and wonderful care by The Fellowship family of my beloved husband and kids during my ordeal!                                                                                                                                                                            

    J. C.

    The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases;
    his mercies never come to an end;
    they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness

    Lamentations 3:22-23




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