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Lending a Hand

    Aug 30, 2020 | by Nancy Newbrough

    So many have experienced job loss during this pandemic, and our son-in-law was one of these. He and our daughter and their two young girls were living in Oklahoma where he was employed as a mechanical engineer for an international company. Shortly after the COVID19 lockdown began, he and his co-workers were put on a rotating shift of furloughs. However, he was laid off in April -- with little hope of returning to his position.

    Our son-in-law looked extensively for job possibilities that would allow the family to stay in their community, but nothing panned out. At this point, he widened his search to any position for which he qualified in the United States. Because there were no immediate prospects on the horizon, we invited our daughter’s family to live with us while he continued his job search -- and they accepted.

    With the economic outlook being poor in their community, they were very concerned about finding a buyer for their house in a timely way. With only severance pay available, their mortgage payment was a heavy burden. They contacted the realtor who had assisted them in buying the house. She gave them very good advice on details involved with putting their house on the market, knowing that layoffs were only going to increase. It was vital to get a sale before a multitude of other houses were competing with theirs!

    Knowing prayer was vital for success, we began to intercede for them! We contacted the Prayer Team at The Fellowship to lift them up as well as our LIFE Group and many other church friends. The house sold within three days! Praise God for His provision!

    Our daughter’s family then moved to Katy to live with us and put most of their possessions in storage. We were so thankful that they did not have to worry about a place to live or other daily needs. Our son-in-law began even more diligently to look for a new job. He continually sent word out to contacts around the country and spent hours looking for opportunities online. Our prayer focus moved to a new job for him, and our prayer support rallied once again.

    As some leads began to come in through his network of contacts, he was challenged by the Human Resource mazes that are necessary to apply for a job. Within a few weeks, some of these leads began to look very promising. But nothing was happening fast! The formal paperwork process was very frustrating and wearisome, but our son-in-law pursued every possibility that turned up ... and we all prayed constantly!

    During this interim time, we were blessed to enjoy family life went them, especially their two girls. Our six-year-old granddaughter lost two teeth in Texas; she was elated! We celebrated both of these milestones with special ice cream nights. Our younger granddaughter celebrated her fifth birthday at our home with uncles, aunts and cousins in attendance. At the party everyone also got to virtually attend the girls’ dance recital via a streaming video from their Oklahoma dance studio. What a blessing for all of us to be together and share these experiences, which never would have happened if they were still in Oklahoma! So many praises and blessings God provided for all of our families!

    Having these two precious girls in our home was like having non-stop sunshine. It was impossible to watch them without smiling. We are thankful for God’s glorious Sonshine and the privilege He gave us to support them, not just financially, but physically, emotionally, and spiritually. My husband and I consider this nothing less than providential!

    The saga does not end here. At the end of July, God provided not just a job, but a better job for our son-in-law with a new position and company in Sacramento, California. (That “better job” was the specific prayer request of a LIFE group member!) The many faithful prayers of our Fellowship family were answered!

    Their young family drove five days from Katy to their California destination, returning to an area in which they had previously lived. Currently they are residing in an extended stay motel. Our daughter’s Christian best friend (along with her family) has been a great comfort and help with getting everything into place for this next chapter in their lives. Our daughter’s family has also reconnected with their old church, which has been a lifeline of spiritual support.

    Another huge blessing is their godly realtor who was able to find a good home for them in their price range. They will move into their new California home in September. This was another direct answer to prayers lifted by the Body of Christ. All glory, honor and praise to Jehovah Jireh, our Provider.

    If you then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask Him!
    Matthew 7:11

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