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Just Waiting For Them

    Mar 20, 2022 | by The Fellowship

    About a week ago, I received a phone call from a good friend. Her husband had been on his way to work that morning when he was involved in an accident.  It occurred at a 4-way-stop intersection south of the West Park Tollway and east of 99.  He had fully stopped before proceeding, but a school bus that was entering the intersection close to the same time only did a rolling stop and hit his car. (Camera footage from the bus shows the sequence of events).

    The side air bag in her husband’s car went off, but miraculously he was not injured!  Neither was anyone on the school bus harmed. However, the damage to his car was extensive -- and it was totaled.  My friend said, “How thankful and happy we are that no one was injured!  We are trusting God to take care of finding another car for us.” So they began to pray.

    Their first thought was to rent a car for her husband to drive to work until they could locate a car to buy.  After checking with several rental car agencies, they quickly learned there were none available. “It is because of Spring Break this week creating extra demand,” they were told.  Nevertheless, they continued to believe God that would take care of it all.

    Their next step was to explore buying a new car.  After doing some research online, they decided to try and get a Toyota Corolla.  Because of the breakdown in the supply chain worldwide, cars are very hard to come by.  But they were excited to discover online that a dealer not too far away had one!

    They drove to the dealer only to be told that the car would not arrive for two or three weeks.  But they could place a hold on the car by putting $500 down.  When the car arrived, if they decided not to take it, their money would be refunded.  But my friends really did not want to wait so long to get their car problem solved.

    Because another dealer’s website in the west Houston area posted one new Corolla available, they decided to check that out.  Unfortunately, when they arrived, they learned that the car was already sold.  However, there was a used one on the lot with 39,000 miles on it that they might like.  When asked the price, this dealer quoted as much for it as what the other dealer had told them a new one would be!  The frustrations that come with a sellers’ market were only too real!

    My friends decided to continue their search online and took out a subscription to a consumers’ report for help in locating a car. Their new subscription must have alerted some dealers because several emails arrived. One of them concerned a Subaru, and my friend’s husband made an appointment for Saturday so they could look at it. The only problem was another couple had an appointment on Friday!  Things began to look up when they learned that couple lived out of town and decided to cancel their appointment.

    So there was the car on Saturday just waiting for them!  It was a 2019 Subaru with only 3,800 miles on it.  The previous owner had leased it just before the pandemic and began working from home, so had driven it very little!  My friend had been praying for God “to drop a car in their lap” and He literally did just that! 

    How great to rejoice with them over the Lord’s provision for their need!  He cares about everything in our lives!  The gift of laying our needs before Him in prayer is beyond wonderful!


    I will tell of the kindnesses of the Lord,
    the deeds for which he is to be praised,
    according to all the Lord has done for us
    Jeremiah 63:7 


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