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His Name Alone

    May 12, 2024 | by The Fellowship

    My 23-year-old grandson has always loved working with numbers, and math was his favorite subject in school.  When he had the opportunity to start working at a branch of a large credit union about a year ago, he was overjoyed.  The job has been a great fit for him, and he has been promoted two times.

    He also is a fine Christian young man who is always ready to extend a helping hand to others. When leaving work one day, he noticed a female employee sitting in her car in the parking lot.  Thinking it was strange that she had not already departed, he went over to see if something was wrong.  Her car would not start!  “It is most likely the battery,” he told her.  She called for someone to come check it out, and he waited until help arrived, a new battery was installed, and she was able to drive away.  That is just one example of his thoughtfulness and desire to help others.

    A few weeks ago, while at work, it was time for his break, and he had gone to the back of the credit union where the employees have a room for relaxing and having a snack.  Suddenly he became aware of some shouting and commotion in the business area of the credit union.  In the few minutes he had been gone on break, two men in black trench coats and wielding guns had entered the credit union.  They had obviously waited for a time when there were no customers present.

    He hurried out to see one man with his gun pointed at the two female tellers who were emptying the cash out of their money drawers.  The other man had hold of the manager with his gun pressing into the chest of the man in charge. 

    In a loud voice, my grandson cried out:  JESUS, HELP US!

    Most likely not expecting anyone else to be present, the nervous men grabbed the money and fled out the doors.  Their plan had probably been to force the manager to also open the vault, but things had not gone as expected.  My grandson was able to run to the windows and clearly see the car they were fleeing in, but he was not able to get the license number.

    The alarm had been pulled and police and officials from the credit union arrived very quickly. The FBI conducted the investigation.  After giving detailed statements, the tellers and the manager, who were in a state of shock and upset, were allowed to leave.  The credit union had immediately brought in other employees to fill in for them.

    My grandson had not been threatened, so he was calm and chose not to go home.  He was able to supply not only descriptions of the two men (who did not wear masks), but also many details about the car the robbers had escaped in.

    How I praise God for protecting my grandson and the other employees from getting shot!  When he called upon the name of the Lord, the situation changed in an instant … and the bravado of the bank robbers turned into overwhelming fear and flight!

    Only a few thousand dollars went out the door with them.  The information supplied by the employees resulted in the arrest of the criminals several weeks later.  My grandson was awarded a sizable bonus from the company for his action in defusing the situation.  My heart’s desire is that he will always call upon the name of the Lord in every crisis and trial that life presents.


    The eyes of the Lord are on the righteous and his ears are attentive to their cry;
     the face of the Lord is against those who do evil ... 
    Psalm 34:15



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