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    Oct 22, 2023 | by The Fellowship

    I have Celiac Disease.  This is an immune reaction to a protein called gluten found in wheat, rye and barley.  The lining of the small intestines is damaged by the inflammation gluten causes.

    Since my diagnosis 16 years ago, I have strictly adhered to the prescribed diet -- and my digestive system has been restored from the damage!  With my strong faith in the Great Physician and constant prayers, I have been blessed with healing.  At diagnosis, I was told that it was a miracle that cancer had not been a result.

    Due to Celiac Disease, I am on a schedule for a colonoscopy every three years.  My scheduled time happened to fall during the pandemic.  So, when my primary doctor eventually provided the referral for the test to my GI doctor, I was overdue!  Upon calling to schedule the test, I was told that since I had Medicare Insurance, the GI doctor I had been seeing was not part of their system.  I was referred to a young doctor who was taking new patients.

    It took a couple of months before I finally had approval from my insurance, and an appointment was scheduled in August.  The doctor did not spend more than 15 minutes with me and ordered a series of blood tests (even though I just had a series of blood tests in the spring).  Besides the colonoscopy, he also scheduled an endoscopy, which is a nonsurgical procedure involving swallowing a flexible tube with a camera and light attached in order to examine the digestive tract.

    The purpose of the endoscopy was screening for cancer.  The doctor told me that he noticed I had lost weight – which is a sign of cancer.  This upset me very much because I only wanted a routine colonoscopy. I tried to tell him there was an explanation for the weight loss.  At my annual checkup, blood tests had indicated high cholesterol.  Not wanting to take medication for the condition, I made major changes to my diet which resulted in weight loss.  I tried to explain this to him, but he would not listen.

    The tests were scheduled in three weeks.  During that time, I was taking FaithWalking 101 here at the church and was in a small group with a great prayer warrior.  I shared about my upcoming medical procedures and the anxiety resulting from the doctor’s comments about potential cancer.  The group began to pray for me.

    When the colonoscopy was performed, three polyps (one large) were removed.  Tissues samples from the polyps along with two tissue samples from the endoscopy were sent to the laboratory for testing.  I was not permitted to get the test results by mail but had to wait for the follow-up visit in three weeks!

    But during the time I was waiting, many were joining me in praying for good results – friends, family, and my FaithWalking group, especially the warrior who plays such an important part in the prayer ministry of our church. She was there for me the entire time! I know that it was a blessing from God that I connected with her at a time when I was struggling with stress and the need to just trust in God.

    I did not even see the doctor for my follow-up visit!  The first thing that the doctor’s Physician Assistant told me was that all the tests showed that I was healthy! The blood tests did not have any negative results and the biopsies were also all negative - there was no indication of any cancer!

    I floated out of that doctor’s office and the heavy burden was gone!  It is so awesome to know that when we trust in God, He provides additional strength through new connections in our Christian family!


    For I am the LORD your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you,
    Do not fear; I will help you.
    Isaiah 41:13


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