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A Reason for Thanksgiving

    Nov 26, 2023 | by The Fellowship

    As I sit here this evening, I cannot stop thinking about what happened to me this morning. It was just an ordinary day like most all of the others.  On my schedule was an appointment to have my yearly checkup with my Primary Care Physician. I arrived in good time at the building where my doctor has his office. It registered in my mind that two police cars were parked out front but noticing them did not cause me to think something might be wrong.

    Since it happened to be raining, I was grateful for my big umbrella to shelter me until I could get inside.  Just as I was entering the building. a very tall male dressed in military camo with two big bags over his shoulders came out -- and he was walking fast with a purpose. As he went past, I was taken by surprise when he purposefully shoved me very hard and said, “Get out of my way, b----!”

    Thank God, I was able to keep my balance and did not fall down. In an instant a police officer came running out! Before I could totally comprehend what was happening, the man was on the ground in the parking lot and getting handcuffed. Another police officer immediately followed to lend his help.

    Taking a deep breath and trying to overcome my shock, I proceeded to my doctor’s office. Very soon one of the police officers came in to see if I was okay.  He wrote down my information and let me know that the situation was now under control. Then he explained that the man was a homeless person whom they had been trying to get out of the building.  But the guy suddenly got very angry and took off.

    Because this man shoved me, the officer asked if I would like to press charges. I said, “No. The man was homeless, most probably schizophrenic, and putting him in jail would do no one any good.” Later in the day from a post on social media, I learned that a man with the same description had caused a lockdown a couple of days before at an elementary school in the area.

    Despite all that had happened, my annual checkup still needed to get done. As usual, one of the first things the nurse did was to take my blood pressure.  Well, it was up just a bit, but the staff expressed their surprise that it was not through the roof!

    Now that the day is over and the event keeps replaying in my mind, I realize that I am okay --  but still pretty rattled. Thanksgiving keeps overflowing to my Lord who has once again protected me in a situation that could have had a much different outcome!  Not only does it remind me to ask Him each morning to keep me safe from harm – but also to remember to give Him praise at the end of each day for the protection He places around me.

    It is also a strong reminder to pray for this man struggling with homelessness – for God’s provision as well as for hope and a future.  And for all police officers who daily put themselves in harm’s way and need our prayers as well.  Thanks be to our Lord and Savior who is faithful to hear and answer when we bring our petitions as well as our praises to lay at His feet!


    But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. 
    Spread your protection over them, that those who love your name may rejoice in you. 
    Psalm 5:11

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