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A Long-Awaited Gift

    Mar 24, 2024 | by The Fellowship

    When my sister got married nine years ago, I was so happy to welcome my new brother-in-law into the family.  And, of course, with their union came the anticipation of little ones who would be part of the next generation in our family. Since they also live in this metropolitan area, I planned to be the favorite uncle for their kids and to always be present at every celebration in their lives.

    After several years with no “blessed events,” I learned they were having fertility problems – as is so common these days.  That is when I began frequently submitting prayer requests on Sunday mornings, asking the Prayer Team to join me and them in petitioning the Lord for a baby. 

    In early 2023, they contacted an adoption agency and prayerfully began the journey to see if the Lord would open the door to parenthood in this way.  The process is not easy nor is it inexpensive.

    Besides submitting a boatload of information, they were required to prepare a notebook (with photos) that went into great detail about their backgrounds, beliefs, preferences and other facts that revealed the kind of people they are.  Expectant women who sign up with the adoption agency can look through the books and choose a potential family for their child.

    After fulfilling all the agency requirements, my sister and her husband were approved. But they were warned that it could take up to a year to be chosen as parents.  Filled with anticipation, they began acquiring some of the things a newborn would need.

    Just a few days later as they were on the way to have dinner with his parents, her cell phone rang.  It was the agency calling. Thinking there was a problem with their application, they pulled into a parking lot so they both could give full attention to the call.

    The call was to inform them that a baby boy had been born close to noon that very day … and the mother had chosen them to be the parents of her tiny son! Could they go to the hospital the next day to meet the mother and infant and spend time getting acquainted? By state law, the mother has 48 hours to change her mind about giving up the baby; they would not know until the third day if this child would become their son.

    Taken completely by surprise, they agreed and were given instructions for the visit with mother and child.  Shocked and overjoyed but also fearful, they had to get together everything that would be needed – just in case.

    The next day, not only did they hold the precious infant and meet the mother, but they also met the mother’s parents and grandmother. For several hours, the families got acquainted and began to learn about each other on a deeper level.  If the mother did not change her mind by noon the next day, they would be able to go get the baby and bring him home!  Even though their emotions alternated between hope and fear, they had to get everything prepared and all supplies gathered – like an infant car seat to take him home!

    The answer to years of prayers came the next day when right after noon, their son was placed in their arms. They walked out of the hospital as a family of three for the first time.  They named him Samuel, remembering the Bible story of Hannah who had named her son Samuel “because I asked the Lord for him.”  (1 Samuel 1:20).  They had given his birth mother the privilege of choosing his middle name – Anthony.

    In Texas, six months must pass before an adoption is finalized. That happened just a couple of weeks ago.  Samuel’s parents chose a courtroom in Fort Worth that is famous for the number of adoptions finalized there.  A large crowd of people was on hand to witness the ceremony – parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles (me included), cousins and friends. The parents were allowed to tap the gavel that finalized the adoption and pictures were made with the female judge – even one of her holding Samuel.  The court let them choose a stuffed animal as another remembrance of this momentous event!  I cannot recall any day that has been happier than that one!

    It is impossible to describe the joy that Samuel has brought to all of us!  So much so that his parents plan to do it again!  When he reaches one year of age, they are allowed to present themselves as prospective parents once again!

    How our hearts rejoice in this beautiful answer to prayer! Now I pray for Samuel to know our Lord Jesus as his Savior and to serve and honor him all the days of his life.   


    Children are a gift from the Lord.
    Psalm 127:4 NLT   

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