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A Brunch Blessing

    Feb 18, 2024 | by The Fellowship

    A year ago, I signed up for a women’s Bible study at my church on “building community.” One of the first things that the study emphasized was that God did not create us to do life alone.  As we began to apply this to our lives, five of us who sat at the same table each week decided to form a friendship/community group.

    The five of us were complete strangers.  Our ages range from the 40’s to the 70’s. So, to take building community seriously, we started a group text where we would stay in frequent contact with each other through sharing prayer requests, spiritual insights, and encouraging one another in the Lord.

    As our connection with each other grew, we then decided to meet for brunch once a month to take our community building up another notch. That was over a year ago … and we are still meeting at the same restaurant every month. What a blessing it has become; each of us has realized how our community is adding deeper meaning to our lives.

    I have found it amazing to watch what happens every time we meet. Somehow others in the restaurant seem to be drawn to us. Now why is that? I believe it must be because we are radiating the light of Jesus. For example, random ladies have come up and commented on what a fine group of women we are. Or said how nice it is to see such a loving group of friends. Even the random waitress has become Intrigued with our table. It is interesting to watch Jesus at work!

    Just last week, it was time for our monthly get-together, and we brought each other a little Valentine goodie.  One of the girls brought some extras. It was a simple gift -- a small Valentine candy and attached was a Scripture from the book of Romans about how nothing will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord. 

    During our brunch I prayed over our food before we ate … like always. But this time instead of my usual prayer of asking God to help us be a light to others, I prayed for us to be a blessing. Honestly, it kind of shocked me when those words flowed out.

    As we finished eating and chatting, one of our group members said: “There is a lady across the room eating by herself. Let’s give her one of the candies with Scripture when we leave.”  I turned and glanced at the woman who looked frail, weary, and tired. I could feel the Holy Spirit drawing me to her.

    We finished eating and my friend shared one of the Scripture candies with our waitress and with a lady who came up and commented about our group. Then we stopped at the table of the lady dining alone. My friend gave her a Scripture candy and I immediately told her we were a group of ladies who met at a Bible study and now have brunch together once a month. 

    Her immediate response was that she enjoys Bible study and was looking for a church home.  She has recently moved here from Waco and is living with her youngest son. This lady shared that she sold everything to move here because she is going through treatment at Memorial Hermann for Stage 4 colon cancer. In fact, she had just finished a chemo treatment and stopped at the restaurant to eat.

    This dear lady gladly agreed when asked if we could pray over her.  All of us placed hands on her and my friend with the Scripture candy began praying aloud for her right there in the middle of the restaurant. This woman wept as we asked the Lord to heal and help her in every way. I gave her our church information and my phone number so she can call, or text and we will bring her to church and/or women’s Bible study.  

    Thank You, Jesus, for expanding our community by putting this woman in our path and using us to bless her. Now she has affirmation that God is with her in every step of this cancer battle, and that she is loved beyond belief and never alone. How the Lord has blessed our brunch bunch so we can be a blessing to others!


    Love must be sincere … be devoted to one another in brotherly love …
    keep your spiritual fervor serving the Lord. 
    Romans 12:9-11


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