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The Ancient Baobab Tree

April 27, 2022

Trees are amazing. Trees grow older, taller, and bigger than anything else on the earth. There are over 73,000 tree species in the world. 

Trees literally stand the test of time. The oldest tree in the world is a bristlecone pine at 5,062 years old. The baobab trees of the African continent can live over 1,500 years—the oldest baobab tree on record was the Panke baobab in Zimbabwe, which lived to be a venerable 2450 years old. The trees bear fruit and provide useful bark material (which regenerates) for communities. They are famous for appearing “upside down,” with widespread branches and roots. The trunks are exceptionally wide, reaching diameters of up to 46 feet. There are nine species of baobab tree. Six of these grow only in Madagascar, while two are found in large parts of Africa, and one species of baobab has made it all the way to Australia. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the largest living baobab is the Sagole Big Tree located in South Africa. It measures a whopping 60.6 square meters at its base, with a height of 19.8 m and an above-ground dry mass estimated to be 54 tons.  These trees can hold an enormous amount of water, which allows them to be drought resistant and they produce a fruit that is a superfood. To many, this is the physical Tree of Life. Baobab trees are truly special since there are over 300 known uses for their products. From a food source and shelter to cosmetic products and medicines, baobab trees are essential not only to humans but also to animals and other plants.

Our God is an amazing creator! I am awe of creation, especially trees! Take a few moments and thank God for this part of creation and for the way that He provides for us through these giving giants of creations.

– Pastor Jerry


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