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Reflect the Light

May 11, 2021

The moon has no light of its own but rather it is a giant mirror reflecting the sun’s light. There are nights when the moon is barely visible, just a sliver in the sky and the darkness is overwhelming. There are other times when it is on full display lighting what the darkness cannot hide. The moon has always intrigued me because only God could create such an amazing reminder and symbol of our relationship to the light of the world that is Jesus. I was listening to a song by Chris Tomlin called Be the Moon ( It is a great song and made me think about our lives and the life of the church in dark times.  God is light in the darkness of humanity and His church reflects that light in the darkness.  God has always had a people who He called His own. A people who would reflect His light to a world in the dark. In the Old Testament, it was Israel and in the New Testament, it is the church!

I was thinking more about the book Esther this morning and how the times were so dark. Having suffered conquest, exile and then having their captures conquered by another superpower all the while just wanting to go home. They were a people without a home; they were, what was coined in 1983 by political scientist Jacques Leruez, a stateless nation. Living in a foreign country with people who see you as inferior or worse … is a fragile existence. Israel was never a superpower; it just served a super God. As a people, their lives were always about pointing to the one true God who they served and whose purpose they were surrendered to. In the book of Esther, the Jewish people were living in exile and yet, in their darkness, they knew the one true God and His promise of becoming a people living in a land flowing with milk and honey. God is shining His light into the darkness that we experience every day, and that light is then reflected off those lives that look to Him and Him alone for help and hope.

I want to reflect the light of Christ to the world in the way I love, lead, serve and sacrifice. As Jesus said, there is no one good, but God. There is only God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Take some time to reflect on how your life reflects the light and love of Jesus in the darkness of your world. If you are in a dark place now, rest assured that the sun and yes, the Son, will rise on your behalf. The moon may be hiding, the darkness may seem overwhelming, but the sun is still shining, sovereignly at work for His glory and our good.

-Pastor Jerry




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