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April 21, 2020

Families all across our city are participating in creative activities to help neighbors during this time of quarantine. Love Where You Live is an initiative that a dozen churches in Katy are doing together. Sharing videos, sermons and creative ideas to mobilize our churches toward a common goal … to love where you live.

This is the law of proximity and it is a great opportunity to love our neighbors intentionally. Your home is ground zero for where love begins: a love for God and a love for others. But living inside four walls can become limits and barriers to loving our neighbors. Now that many of us are not rushing from work or to other activities, we are all more open to stepping out of our homes and enjoying a walk, a great conversation or just listening to the laughter and chatter of neighbors connecting.

Some of you are already outside and many ideas have surfaced. Like chalk your walk where neighbors are encouraged to draw or write encouraging things on sidewalks and in driveways. Or placing stuffed bears where kids can discover them on a virtual safari. Simple act that open doors to new and old friendships. The challenge this week is to get outside, move some lawn chairs to the front yard and just sit outside in the evening.

The barriers have never been lower than they are right now, which is why it is the perfect time to be intentional about loving where you live. We have a unique opportunity to let our neighbors know they matter to God by allowing them to see they matter to us. God tells us “Love your neighbor as yourself.” (Matthew 22:29) In order to love them, we must invest in them. Remember the story of the Good Samaritan? Luke 10:25-37 tells us the story of a man who was robbed and left to die. Several passed by and did not help, but when a Samaritan man stopped and took pity on him. Not only that, he also took care of him, got him the help he needed and paid for it all. He went out of his way, stepped in and had compassion. You might say that he suffered with him. It is the principle of kindness and something we can do as we love where we live. We can open our hands and allow God to use what we have to help someone else.

God strategically places us where we live for a reason. Our lives and our neighbors’ lives are connected in ways we do not even realize. When we focus on ourselves, we miss out on the blessing of helping someone else. Let’s make a point this week to step out and allow the laws of proximity and kindness to help us as we intentionally love our neighbors.

This Week: Put out chairs in your front yard and allow the principle of proximity to work in your favor. See who God brings to you and watch what He does. If you received a stimulus check, consider taking a portion and pray for an opportunity to help a neighbor when you learn of a need as a way of opening your hand to God and allowing Him to use what you have to bless others.

-Dr. J


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Hebrews 10:24

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