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No More Excuses

April 20, 2021

Ever have one of those bosses that you never know what kind of mood they are going to be in and yet their mood changes everything? Boss is in a bad mood – someone is going to get fired. Boss in a good mood – someone is getting a pay raise!

What about a teenager? Their mood can change from minute to minute. Your spouse – do you have a moody spouse who … never mind, that one is probably best left unexplored!

The thing about humanity is that we are too often acting one way, or another based on our mood, how our day is going, or because of the person with whom we are interacting. The beauty of God is that He never changes.  He is always true to His character – for all people, in all times – God always shows up consistently.

The author of Hebrews puts it this way:

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. 
                                                                         -Hebrews 13:8

This is great news for the believer because we know that when God says something to one person, it is true for us too! God tells Moses, “I’ll be with you” (Exodus 3:12) and we have the same promise that God is with us. God tells Moses, “I’ll help you” (Exodus 4:11) and we have the same promise that God will help us.

Let that sink in a little bit – just those two simple promises:  God will be with you and God will help you.

Let that sink in a little bit more – God will be with you and God will help you.      

Friend, what are you facing that God cannot overcome? What is God calling you to that He cannot handle?

No more excuses!  How could we ever realistically make an excuse to stay stuck in our brokenness and not go where He is calling and not become a better version of ourselves when we have a God who is with us and a God that will help us.

No more excuses - because praise Jesus! If God has done it before, it is because that is who He is, and He will do it again!

-Pastor Brian


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