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What is ServeFest?

Be the hands and feet of Christ as we go from the church and into the community to serve individuals and non-profits on a Sunday. 

Sunday, October 23, The Fellowship will not  hold Sunday services - but families of all ages will be serving in the Katy community from 8:00 am - 2:00 pm in organized community service projects.

Registration is STILL open online for Packathon ... however, if you see another event that you are interested in, please send an email to  and they can help get you registered for that event. 

ServeFest Projects 2022


Projects: Crafts and Events  (family friendly)

*Ribs for Cribs:  cooking to sell meat to raise funds for West Houston Pregnancy Center.
*KCM Craft Project:  FULL EVENT decorating with children for KCM Christmas cards, Thanksgiving bags.
*Create items for Neighborhood Kidz Club: creating crafts and booklets for Neighborhood Kidz Bible Club.
*Blessing Bags:  FULL EVENT  creating personal bags for Hope Impacts to help bless the homeless population in Katy. 
*Fall Festival with Young Life:  FULL EVENT helping host a fall festival for Young Life Capernum.
*Crafts for Kairos:  FULL EVENT decorating gift bags and placemats, creating scripture chains for prisoners in the Texas prison system. 

Projects:  Painting and Cleaning  (family friendly)

*Interior Home Painting:  FULL EVENT partnering with The Hanger Unity Center in Brookshire to paint the interior of a home.  
*Exterior Home Painting:  partnering with The Hanger Unity Center in Brookshire to paint the exterior of a home.
*Storage Organization:  cleaning out and organizing storage for Hope Impacts.  
*Building Clean Out:  cleaning out and organizing KCM storage on Porter Road.   
*Painting Office, Learning Center:  painting Neighborhood Kidz Club's office and learning center.  
*Storage Organization: cleaning out and organizing a storage unit for Abigail's Place.  
painting a bedroom for Abigail's Place
*Garden Beautification FULL EVENT putting down mulch and building a picnic table for KCM's community garden..
*Garden Maintenance: pulling weeds, trimming bushes, planting flowers for Neighborhood Kidz Club's garden.
*Appliance, Door Replacement:  replacing small AC units and screen door at Neighborhood Kidz Club's offices.
*Yard work, other tasks, replace screens:  partnering with Katy Cares to bless single mothers by doing yard work, various tasks, and replace screens at two separate locations. 
*Landscaping, Gutter Clean Out: FULL EVENT partnering with Abigail's Place to bless a single mother with yard landscaping and cleaning out gutters.  
*Serving Sundown:  serving  Sundown Elementary by constructing a shed, landscaping, writing notes to teachers, and prayer-walking the neighborhood. 
*Fence Construction:  partnering with The Hanger Unity Center to build a 60 foot fence for a widow. This is a two day project.  
*Drywall Work: partnering with The Hanger Unity Center to install and texturize drywall in the woman's home. 
*Building Chicken Coops: FULL EVENT partnering with Boaz House to build two chicken coops on their property - used to feed and serve their community.
*Side Fence Construction: partnering with the James Ministry of The Fellowship to construct a side fence to serve a widow, single mother in our church. This is a two day project.  
*Harvey Sheetrock Install:  partnering with Katy Responds to install sheetrock in a home bit by Hurricane Harvey.   

Projects: Packathon

*Food Packathon:  partnering with Feed the Hunger to pack meals for communities, countries in need.  Time:  8:30 - 10:30 am. NEARLY FULL Register Here
*Food Packathon:  partnering with Feed the Hunger to pack meals for communities, countries in need.  Time:  11:30 am - 1:30 pm. Register Here

For more information please email