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Prayer Stories

Stories of answered Prayer
    A Miracle From Heaven
    12.11.22 | Stories | Edited by The Fellowship

    One of the greatest blessings of my life happened on July 2, 2018.  My first grandchild, Gracie Jane, was born. She was so beautiful, special and loved. When we received news that she was born with a tethered spinal cord, many praying...

      A Second Chance
      12.04.22 | Stories | Edited by The Fellowship

      The chain of events that led to the discovery of my potentially fatal condition was nothing short of a miracle and God’s divine intervention in my life!  Because of my family history of heart problems, I had been promising my wife for...

        His Perfect Plan
        11.27.22 | Stories | Edited by The Fellowship

        Our granddaughter in another city in Texas has been very active in sports since her early elementary years when she started playing on a club soccer team.  Almost immediately, she began to excel.  Perhaps it was because of her great...

          Something Extra
          11.20.22 | Stories | Edited by The Fellowship

          It was the day before Thanksgiving.  For the second year in a row, I did not have the means to provide turkey or any other festive food that would make the day special for my three kids. As a single mom of three in Minnesota, I was facing...

            Never Too Late
            11.13.22 | Stories | Edited by The Fellowship

            Both my husband and I have each written prayer stories for this ministry in recent years.  The Lord continually shows grace, and we want to give Him the credit that is due His holy name!  Not only is this ministry a great way to see how...

              Forever Linked
              11.06.22 | Stories | Edited by The Fellowship

              When faced with infertility, my husband and I lifted countless prayers to the Lord for the gift of a child.  Even though many years passed, and doctors said we could never have children, our prayers never stopped nor did we give up...

                Always There
                10.30.22 | Stories | Edited by The Fellowship

                God is Good! Even in the midst of horrible circumstances, He is there. Who will ever forget 2017 when many of us got ravaged by Hurricane Harvey?  In our small tech firm, we decided that God would want us to pay our employees right through...

                  Beautifully Broken
                  10.23.22 | Stories | Edited by The Fellowship

                  As a child, I was obsessed with being perfect! This particular obsession stemmed from my desire for praise and gratification. I sought affirmation everywhere, particularly from my parents, and made every decision based on how much praise I...

                    In Every trial
                    10.16.22 | Stories | Edited by The Fellowship

                    In early 2015, my job of many years with British Petroleum was eliminated. I was no longer able to avoid the downturn and layoffs that plagued the oil & gas industry at that time. At 57, I was not ready to give up all my professional...

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