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Stories of answered Prayer
    Nothing Wasted in God's Economy
    02.17.19 | Stories | Edited by Nancy Newbrough

    In early 2010, we moved to Katy just when our daughter was about to be five years old. At the top of our priority list was to find a church home within our area. We had been fully plugged into our previous church and formed wonderful...

      What I Want Most
      02.10.19 | Stories | Edited by Nancy Newbrough

      In early 2018, I was having memory problems, insomnia, headaches and low energy, so I decided to go to an internist. He ordered a brain scan and several blood tests. The brain scan came back normal -- which was a huge relief since my dad died of...

        Faith Reactivated
        02.03.19 | Stories | Edited by Nancy Newbrough

        My family and I relocated to Texas in 2013 from another state. Right after we settled in, I began searching for a job that would utilize my degree.  With no success after almost a year, I was feeling desperate and decided to settle for...

          It Just So Happened
          01.27.19 | Stories | Edited by Nancy Newbrough

          For more than a month, I had been in pain while waiting for a scheduled hysterectomy and surgical repairs -- and really wanted to get it over with. However, I was very nervous and uneasy about the surgery and even started to walk away when...

            I Choose Joy
            01.20.19 | Stories | Edited by Nancy Newbrough

            In May 2017, my 90-year-old mother began to complain that she was not able to keep up in her aerobics class that met five times each week. She also no longer had the stamina afterwards to walk her daily mile and concluded she “was just...

              Claiming His Promises
              01.13.19 | Stories | Edited by Nancy Newbrough

              Four years ago, I began working for a Christian family as a caregiver for the wife who had suffered a major stroke and woke up after being in a coma for two months.  But even after rehabilitation, she was bedridden, unable to speak and...

                Never in My Wildest Dreams
                01.06.19 | Stories | Edited by Nancy Newbrough

                When our family of six moved from another country to Texas in August 2017, the events that made it possible were circumstantial. I questioned if we were doing the right thing, if this was God’s direction for us. We landed safely and found...