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    A Cherished Memory
    07.28.19 | Stories | Edited by Nancy Newbrough

    What a wonderful present my husband and I received last Christmas when it was revealed that we were going to become grandparents for the first time! Our oldest daughter and her husband were so excited to announce that their long-awaited desire to...

      A Vessel Used by God
      07.21.19 | Stories | Edited by Nancy Newbrough

      (On Sunday, May 5, The Fellowship held ServeFest to bless and help others in our community. Much prayer went into the planning, preparation and execution of this outreach. One of the projects was a lovely brunch given at the Katy Pregnancy Help...

        All I Need
        07.14.19 | Stories | Edited by Nancy Newbrough

        In 2003, I graduated with an MBA in Telecommunications. I worked at the university where I received my degree, but my work contract was not renewed. It was time to look for other opportunities!At the time, my son and I lived in Mexico with my...

          Search for a Father
          07.07.19 | Stories | Edited by Nancy Newbrough

          My mother-in-law has never known the identity of her father. She grew up in Pennsylvania. Her mother had become pregnant during her senior year in high school, and my mother-in-law was delivered on December 29, 1946. She was told that a man named...

            Help at Last
            06.30.19 | Stories | Edited by Nancy Newbrough

            On June 19 two years ago, I received a distress call from my younger brother. He was crying and explained that our mom had died that day following a simple surgery to unclog some veins in her leg. I was out of town and would not be able to get to...

              Targeting the Unreached
              06.23.19 | Stories | Edited by Nancy Newbrough

              Every summer, The Fellowship’s Prayer Team lifts up a 75-year-old doctor from Louisiana and his medical mission team as they annually target an unreached people group somewhere in the world, bringing the gospel and modern medicine to them...

                My Unsung Heroes
                06.16.19 | Stories | Edited by Nancy Newbrough

                A lot has been going on in my life for the past year or more with the result that I have struggled with severe, chronic depression, anxiety, and other personal challenges. There has been much prayer and intercession by me and for me from close...

                  When Crisis Comes
                  06.09.19 | Stories | Edited by Nancy Newbrough

                  A few months ago, my father passed away at the age of 91. About a week before, I had flown up to Canada to see him. My dad recognized me and smiled – he knew that I was there! My older brother and sister were also there as the end was near...

                    The Right Decision
                    06.02.19 | Stories | Edited by Nancy Newbrough

                    Last summer our granddaughter, in summer school at the University of Tennessee, was experiencing some stomach issues, but could not pin down the cause. Her mom, who was visiting us from North Carolina, called to see how she was feeling and asked...

                      Something has to be Done
                      05.26.19 | Stories | Edited by Nancy Newbrough

                      My husband Ron and I for many years have hosted a LIFE Group in our home.  A couple of months ago, The Fellowship announced plans for ServeFest where instead of worshipping on a given Sunday morning, the congregation would go out and serve...