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Prayer Stories

Stories of answered Prayer
    Never Give Up
    07.01.21 | Stories | Edited by The Fellowship

    Last September 19 is a day I will never forget.  It was the day I went from being in the best shape of my life one minute to the worst shape of my life the next. While cycling with my triathlon group, I was hit from behind by a truck going...

      A Better Place
      06.20.21 | Stories | Edited by The Fellowship

      On a Monday several weeks ago, I had plans to go to my OB/Gyn’s office for a 12-week ultrasound and checkup. Blood work was also scheduled to find out our baby’s gender. I walked in alone -- as I had the previous four weeks and...

        Facing My Fear
        06.13.21 | Stories | Edited by The Fellowship

        From the moment I started seeking Jesus, in that lost and hopeless place a short two and a half years ago, worship music has had an immense impact on my relationship with Him.  At times, early on, it was the only thing I could cling to in...

          Through the Fire
          06.06.21 | Stories | Edited by The Fellowship

          Growing up, I heard many people say that children do not come with a manual. When my daughter was born in 2003, I did not understand how understated that was and how unprepared I was for what the Lord had in store for us. My child’s...

            Through It All
            05.30.21 | Stories | Edited by The Fellowship

            Gazing around my cozy home in Katy, I am in awe of God’s amazing faithfulness. The results of the prayers I prayed and the help from God I pleaded for are all being shown to me.  The overwhelming feelings of peace and restoration are...

              Not By Accident
              05.23.21 | Stories | Edited by The Fellowship

              It was late in the day and I had just finished mowing the grass.  I was hot and tired and had not started dinner yet.  However, I asked my husband, who had been stuck upstairs in his office all day working, if he wanted to go for a walk...

                Making a Difference
                05.16.21 | Stories | Edited by The Fellowship

                Several years ago, a friend of mine retired early and wanted to get involved in the Pregnancy Help Center.  A strong Christian man, devout in his faith in the Lord, had a desire to devote his time to a mission that honors God.  I...

                  Crown of Blessing
                  05.09.21 | Stories | Edited by The Fellowship

                  In Proverbs 17:6, the Lord reveals that our children’s children are a crown to us as we advance in years.  Sometimes we have to wait a bit for the blessing of grandchildren, but how great is the anticipation when you receive the news...

                    On the Way Home
                    05.02.21 | Stories | Edited by The Fellowship

                    Our family has attended The Fellowship for the past 12 years.  My husband and I have a 13-year-old daughter who is involved in the youth group and a 10-year-old son who is involved in Fellowship Kids. We have always been blessed by our...

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