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Stories of answered Prayer
    Green Means Go
    10.04.20 | Stories | Edited by Nancy Newbrough

    My husband and I have been married for 24 years.  Since the day we said, “I do,” he has desired to move out of California.  But I was born and raised there, and our entire family has lived in one city connected to one main...

      Young at Heart
      09.27.20 | Stories | Edited by Nancy Newbrough

      Three years after my dad passed on to be with the Lord, my wife and I had the opportunity to have “the talk” with my mom.   This was prior to her 90th birthday and occurred in Big Spring, Texas, where she had lived most of...

        Not Too Late
        09.20.20 | Stories | Edited by Nancy Newbrough

        This story is a little difficult to share!  Who really wants to admit that their marriage had been falling apart for years?  Or that for my part, I have been a horrible husband and father despite my best intentions and desires. ...

          A Helping Hand
          09.13.20 | Stories | Edited by Nancy Newbrough

          One of my friends from high school lost her husband after a battle with cancer which lasted about ten years.  His last few months were spent in a nursing home, and she was struggling with his passing.  They had accumulated a debt of...

            In Every Tempest
            09.06.20 | Stories | Edited by Nancy Newbrough

            As I watched Hurricane Laura greatly intensify while barreling across the Gulf of Mexico with a beeline on Lake Charles, Louisiana, I was filled with dread.  A similar storm, Hurricane Audrey, struck Lake Charles many years ago when I was...

              Lending a Hand
              08.30.20 | Stories | Edited by Nancy Newbrough

              So many have experienced job loss during this pandemic, and our son-in-law was one of these. He and our daughter and their two young girls were living in Oklahoma where he was employed as a mechanical engineer for an international company...

                The Beginning and The End
                08.23.20 | Stories | Edited by Nancy Newbrough

                My Mom and Dad were happily married for 56 years before she passed away unexpectedly in 2010 after a short illness. Dad was devastated to lose his mate and missed Mom terribly as he struggled to take care of himself. Mom had always been...

                  All the Time
                  08.16.20 | Stories | Edited by Nancy Newbrough

                  In 2005 I was having problems with my voice and went to see an ear, nose, and throat doctor. His diagnosis was polyps on my vocal cords. While at the appointment, I mentioned having constant ringing in my ears.  The doctor told me that...

                    Nothing Touched It
                    08.09.20 | Stories | Edited by Nancy Newbrough

                    I thought the pain on the upper left side of my face must be a sinus infection.  But it quickly became unbearable and excruciating, and a rash appeared in the area.  It did not take me long to figure out that I had shingles...

                      New Beginnings
                      08.02.20 | Stories | Edited by Nancy Newbrough

                      Many of us have been impacted by the economic downturn since March when Covid 19 begin affecting the American people.  My husband and I met with our financial advisor over Zoom in mid-April and were bracing ourselves for the worst.  We...

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