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"Creating leaders to bring the whole gospel to the whole world."


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The Fellowship Residency is a two-year, full-time program designed to bring the whole gospel to the whole world by raising up Christ-like leaders through Spiritual Formation, Theological and Leadership Development, and Ministry Engagement.


  • Increase in knowledge and understanding of Spiritual Formation
  • Grow in Theological and Leadership Development
  • Enhance abilities in Practical Ministry 
  • Engage in one-on-one Personal Coaching sessions
  • Experience quarterly Solitude Retreats 
  • Be a part of a healthy Staff and Church Culture


The Fellowship Residency is best suited for young Christian leaders who are committed to pursuing vocational ministry. We have created this program with that season of life in mind!


  • Be able to clearly articulate their relationship with Christ
  • Be able to clearly articulate their call to vocational ministry
  • Be aligned, with The Fellowship, doctrinal and philosophically
  • Be able to demonstrate the ability to be faithful, available, and teachable
  • Have an appropriate level of emotional intelligence
  • Be able to attend Sunday church services at The Fellowship
  • Have relevant ministry work and/or experience.


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Is the residency a full-time job?

As a Resident, you will be working and serving full-time alongside The Fellowship team.

How long is the program?

The Residency program is a two-year program that starts August 1, 2023 and ends July 31st, 2025. ***Application deadline is February 5th, 2023. Spring Date: Feb 1, 2024, and application deadline is August 5, 2023. 

Will housing be provided?

The Fellowship Residents are responsible for finding and providing their own housing.

What are the basic requirements?

The Fellowship Residents must have personal transportation and live within relative proximity to the church.

What can I expect in the application process?

The entire application process consists of three stages: (please keep in mind, applicants are not guaranteed to move on to any stage)
1. Application review (to be completed by Residency Director and Reliant)
2. First round interviews with the department of interest Ministry Leader, and Residency Director
3. Second round interviews with Residency Director and Executive Pastor

Is the residency program limited to college graduates?

Although strongly recommended, the program is not limited to college graduates.

Can I apply if I do not live in the United States?

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept international applicants at this time.

What will my day-to-day look like?

  • Spiritual Formation: 6-7 hours
  • Theological and Leadership Development: 2-3 hours
  • Ministry Engagement: 25-28 hours
  • Personal Coaching: 1-2 hours
  • Support Raising: 1-2 hours

What does the end goal look like?

The Fellowship desires all Residents to complete the two-year program with a better understanding of how God has gifted them for ministry and have a clearer vision for where they are going long-term.

I am interested! What’s the next step?

Who is Reliant and how are they affiliated with The Fellowship?

Reliant is an evangelical Christian mission agency who is a trusted partner with hundreds of missional churches and Gospel-centered non-profits.

Reliant partners with missional churches like The Fellowship to mobilize support-based missionaries for the great commission. Reliant actually employs all Residents and “assigns” them to The Fellowship Church. We partner with Reliant because they specialize in equipping and sending church-based missionaries like our Residents. This partnership allows The Fellowship to focus on ministry and Reliant to serve the Resident in aspects of employment and support team development.

How do we support-raise?

The Fellowship, in partnership with Reliant, provides full support raising training. Every Resident attends this training in-person so that we can provide the best face-to-face preparation possible.

Our training includes developing a theology of support raising, demonstrating a biblical perspective on ministry partnership, practically setting support goals, and training vision casting skills to equip Residents for success in developing a ministry team. Additionally, each Resident is given personal coaching and regular communication during the support raising season.

Following training, our Residents are deputized by Reliant to raise funds for their ministry leading up to the residency start date in August. Each Resident can expect to spend three to five months developing a ministry team and raising support depending on the number of weekly hours he or she is able to invest.

How much do we support raise and how much does it cover?

Residents raise funds for the total cost of their employment (salary, insurance, taxes, and program costs). It is Reliant’s practice to work with predetermined salaries for living in Katy and help each Resident to establish a customized budget and a support goal that takes into consideration their individual circumstances. It is each Resident’s responsibility to raise 100% of his or her determined goal.
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