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When God is Ready

    Oct 20, 2019 | by Nancy Newbrough

    After 31 years of steady employment, I recently lost my job … terminated … fired … let go!  I did not see it coming.  I did not think that would ever happen to me, but it did!

    Devastation is an understatement!  I have been pursuing my career for three decades, and now I am told things are going in another direction and my services are no longer needed!  For the first little bit, there was some anger that crept in, then questioning – “What did I do or not do?  How did I get here?”

    My wife and I pray every night for God to expand my territory east, west, north and south!  But this is not expanding, it is shrinking!  “God, what are you working on here?”

    The real story is how He is working on me!  I immediately put it to Him:  “God, where is it I am supposed to go?”

    Philippians 4:6 says: Do not be anxious [do not worry] about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.  The peace that entered my soul when I asked that simple question was a peace that only could come from our Heavenly Father.  I knew He would provide not only the answer, but grow my faith in the process!

    My wife and I prayed for a job, prayed we would stay here in the Houston area, prayed that God would move in our lives.  We asked our friends (especially those at The Fellowship) and family to pray with us for this need.

    God has never let us down!  He brought two broken people together and created a great partnership and marriage!  He gave us kids when doctors told us it would not happen!  He has provided time and time again!

    So I do what you do when unemployed -- look for a new job.  I spoke with others in my industry and also to recruiters.  The conversations were great and revealed some prospects, but no offers!

    “Okay, God, I am praying, the family is praying, my church family is praying and I am getting anxious.”  I continued the conversation:  “When, God?”  The simple answer was when He was ready.  He said, “Do not panic, have not I provided for you?”  Psalm 23:1 reminds me: The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing.

    I lacked nothing except a job, and He was working for/on me for that.  I spoke with a small firm that has great potential, but has not had the person to just push them in the direction for growth.  The conversation was good.  They needed someone to push growth and I felt this could be a good fit.  But where is the offer? When is this going to happen?

    I spoke to a couple of other firms.  Again, the conversations were great, but they wanted to meet in person in a few weeks.  A few weeks?  I am not in a few weeks mood, but God again tells me: “Do not be anxious.”  So I responded: “Okay, God, it is in Your timing!”

    The conversations with the small firm continued even when the others faded.  After a couple of weeks, I was presented with an offer which I accepted!

    God’s timing is not ours!  Repeatedly through this He has said, “It is coming; be patient my son!”  Have I grown through this?  Oh, yes!  I have been shown a love that only God can show!  I have provisions that only God can provide!  All glory to His Name Above All Names!


    Your father knows what you need
    before you ask him.
    Matthew 6:8


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