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Unexpected Blessing

    Mar 28, 2021 | by The Fellowship

    In 2017, I got very tired of making home repairs on my 40-year-old house and decided to move to an “Over 55” community in Richmond, TX.  The homes were new and I found the perfect house and happily settled in.

    My neighbors were extraordinary. I had been used to living on a street where everyone worked and I knew only a few neighbors. My new street was a place I called “Heaven on Earth.” Everyone knew (and liked) each other!  There were block parties, gatherings on driveways in the evening, weekly games of Canasta or Mexican Train, and every so often, one of the ladies would host a brunch.  Even better, the community center had incredible facilities, activities,  and numerous clubs to join.  I loved the RV club, card-making club, line dancing classes, and frequent gatherings with all the residents of the community.

    My house was the perfect size for one adult.  It included a guest bedroom and bath as well as a craft room for my scrapbooking, card-making and Bible journaling. 

    The only thing I did not like was the drive to Katy.  Sometimes it took up to 45 minutes to get to my son’s house. In addition, the drive to The Fellowship was more than 30 minutes, and trips to all my doctors and friends took 30-40 minutes one-way.  I was making the trip to Katy four or five times a week. 

    After three years it began to get very old.  I was spending up to 90 minutes per round trip with  untold mileage added to my speedometer -- and, of course, gasoline and tolls traveling up and down Hwy 99!  All the time that it took out of my day made me tired.  I prayed and prayed for a solution, asking Jesus for specific guidance.

    My neighbor was interested in moving to Katy, so I went to visit an apartment complex with her.  There was an apartment I really liked, not much smaller than my house, so I decided to move!  I told my kids and was surprised at the responses.  One son was over-the-top happy.  The other son and his wife were silent.  Curious, I thought.  They had always been very supportive of my dreams, desires, and endeavors.  The next time when babysitting for them, I asked why they had not said anything.  

    As background, some time ago we made a plan that when I got tired of living alone or could no longer manage on my own, I would move in with them.  But I was not ready for that yet.  I am still very active, even taking my little RV trailer on trips here and there.

    Their response was, “Why are you moving twice?” I did not get it.  Twice?  I was very surprised to learn that they would be willing to move into a Next Gen home any time I was ready to live with them.  I always thought that moving in with them would happen when I could no longer  live on my own and had no idea that they would be ready for me NOW!

    The Next Gen house available has a separate, but attached, residence for me, with my own garage and entrance, a nice living/dining area, a small kitchen, good-sized bedroom, bath and closet, and even my own washer and dryer.  I was blown away by their loving thoughtfulness.  Their portion of the house is smaller in scale than the one they are presently living in.  They only moved into their lovely home about three years ago and were so happy with the schools for the kids.  But I realized that they were serious.  If it was what I wanted, they were willing to move!  Could this be my answer to prayers?  I felt that it was -- without a doubt! 

    After much discussion, I contacted a realtor and within a few days was ready for showings.  On a Monday, a stager came to help make my house the most presentable it could be.  It did not take much -- things like removing tissue boxes and putting trash cans in the garage.  Easy peasy!

    On Wednesday, a “Coming Soon” sign was put in my yard.  My house was listed on MLS  for realtors’ preview, along with pictures of each room and the outside of the house.  By Thursday night I had a buyer -- before the house was actually on the market!  The offer was full price (higher than any of the same houses in my neighborhood), and a cash offer!  I will be closing early in April.

    In awe and amazement, we agree that God had a powerful hand in all that has occurred.  Our Next Gen house is in the same school zone as their current home, so my grandchildren will not have to transfer to another school!  And the property is on a very large lot.

    God is so good!  His way is always perfect!  Even when I cannot see it at the time, down the road it is always confirmed that His ways are beyond anything I can ever imagine.                                                                                       


    Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Lean not on your own understanding;
    in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths.

    Proverbs 3:5-6

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