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Trust is a Choice

    Jul 24, 2022 | by The Fellowship

    Our daughter and her two girls for some time had been planning a special birthday celebration.  Since they live out of town, it involved driving to Houston to spend the night in a downtown hotel that features a huge lazy river configured in the shape of the state of Texas.  Located outdoors on the 6th floor, the lazy river is part of other amenities that include a spa, giant swimming pool and whirlpools.

    The incredible heat and brutal sun of this summer did not deter them one bit.  They arrived at the hotel mid-morning on a Saturday.  The hotel had assured them that until their room was ready for occupancy, their bags would be locked up so immediate enjoyment of the  facilities could begin.

    My husband and I were invited to spend the day with them at this huge hotel.  We drove down and what a blessing it was to learn that their room had been immediately available! And the room had an entire glass wall that overlooked the lazy river and pools.  My husband and I  would be able to sit in the air conditioned room and watch the fun without having to get out in the intolerable heat.  It was the hottest day so far this summer!

    After enjoying the amenities for a bit, everyone began experiencing hunger pangs.  We decided to have a late lunch in one of the many restaurants within the hotel.  Though noisy, the choices were excellent and the food was good.  My husband treated everyone, and after he had signed the bill, the fun resumed.

    That night, we had a special birthday dinner hosted by another family member at a favorite restaurant several miles from the hotel.  We were finished by 9 p.m. and my husband happened to look in his wallet for some information he wanted to share and immediately noticed that his credit card was gone!  Even with taking everything out of the wallet, the credit card did not appear.

    The only time he had used it all day was to pay for lunch at the hotel.  We immediately got in touch with security services at the hotel.  It was with sinking hearts that we learned his credit card had not been turned in.  The very kind representative took down detailed information, set up a case number, and said he would call us back immediately if it showed up.

    I began praying and tried not to worry, instead to trust our Lord to help us.  Easier said than done!  Bad thoughts of huge illegal charges on the card kept trying to sneak into my mind as well as the frustrating feelings of probably needing to cancel the card and transfer automatic  payments to another card.  We drove home to Katy in silence.  Feeling very tired physically and emotionally, we got ready for bed.

    Just before turning off the light, the phone rang!  It was hotel security and they had located our card!  The feelings of relief were immense!  In seconds, I went from being dead-tired to elated!  All we could do was repeatedly thank our Lord who once more had come to our rescue.  I kept praising Him by repeating Scriptures that proclaim His faithfulness and love.

    The representative said we could come get the card anytime, but the thought of driving back downtown was depressing.  When we asked, he said our daughter could pick it up for us.  All we had to do was give her the case number since she knew the other relevant information.

    On their way out of town the next morning, our daughter and granddaughters stopped by our house for one last hug and to return the card.  How great is our God!

    Be strong, and let your heart take courage,
    all you who wait for the Lord! 
    Psalm 31:24


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