Time to Act

    Sep 1, 2019 | by Nancy Newbrough

    I was diagnosed as a Type 2 diabetic in 2010. For the first five years, my blood sugar was very well controlled, and I barely was aware of having a chronic disease. In 2016, I moved from Atlanta to Houston to start a new job. In the first eight months, due to the stress of moving and acclimating to a new city and job, I gained 40 pounds.

    This was the worst possible thing I could let happen as Type 2 Diabetes is a very weight-sensitive disease. I was ashamed for allowing my weight to get out of control!

    My A1C (blood glucose measurement) results were off the charts. For the next two years, I tried to control it on my own -- but to no avail. I kept telling myself that if I would just eat a little better, then my results would improve.

    During this period, I also developed neuropathy in my feet and was in almost constant pain. At times I could barely walk, and my feet would buckle under me. The burning pain started going up my ankles. Feeling destined to end up in a wheelchair, I was fearful that the disease would also soon affect my eyes or kidneys. I was taking three medications and it was not enough.
    In the summer of 2018, I started praying about it very intensely and requested the church intercessors to also pray on my behalf. I asked that God would give me the wisdom and discipline to eat healthier, exercise, and gain control of the disease.

    About the same time, I received a call from my doctor with another high blood sugar reading and a threat that if the next one did not improve, I would have to give myself insulin injections. Being squeamish about needles, I did not want to go there! This was God giving me a swift hard kick in the behind. I had to do something once and for all!

    I immediately got off the phone, drove to the gym I had joined months earlier (but rarely used), and asked the first trainer I saw to help me. As it turned out, the trainer has several diabetics in his family and understood the disease.

    It was intimidating at first because given my neuropathy, I could not see myself doing the things others around me were putting into practice. The trainer designed a workout program for me that I could do with my infirmities. He was patient and encouraging, but constantly pushed me to get physically stronger.

    Soon the workouts became easier and I actually began to enjoy going to the gym regularly to do cardio and weights. The pain in my feet slowly started to lessen. And seeing the results in the gym inspired me to eat healthier, too.

    In the last nine months, I have lost over 20 pounds while gaining muscle mass. The best part is that in July my A1C dropped down to a normal level for the first time in over three years, and I was able to discontinue one of the three drugs! The pain in my feet is now almost completely gone!

    The journey is not over, and I still have more weight to lose, but my quality of life is dramatically improved from what it was a year ago. I feel optimistic and confident rather than frustrated and fearful. I believe that God answered my prayers by directing my path to a place and a person who could help me. God also gave me a clear understanding of what I must do to control the disease and the strength to persevere! And He showed me that we have amazing bodies that can heal!

    In my distress I called to the Lord;
    I cried to my God for help.
    Psalm 18:6

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