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The Right Decision

    Jun 2, 2019 | by Nancy Newbrough

    Last summer our granddaughter, in summer school at the University of Tennessee, was experiencing some stomach issues, but could not pin down the cause. Her mom, who was visiting us from North Carolina, called to see how she was feeling and asked the dreaded question, “Could you be pregnant?” After some discussion, it was decided that she should get a pregnancy test kit.

    As a junior in college, the last thing this coed wanted to see was that positive indicator staring her in the face. PREGNANT! Now what? Her life had just changed forever!

    Her mother and I were together when she called with the news. My husband was at work, so I relayed the news to him. Since our granddaughter was scared and alone in Tennessee, we offered to fly her to Texas so that she could have the support needed to walk through the next steps.

    Shock, disbelief and yes, some disappointment were just some of the thoughts running through all our minds. But experience in this was one thing we had on our side. Some 39 years ago, as a junior in college, my husband faced a similar situation. And her mother, as a senior in high school, also knew exactly what her daughter was about to face.

    With history as our guide and God on our side, even in what might not be the best of situations, we three brainstormed options we could present after picking our granddaughter up at the airport. All along our prayer was that she would make the right decision and keep this child.

    After several hours of discussion, we concluded that one of the best options would be for our granddaughter to move to Katy and live with us. We could help her with the baby, and she could finish college at a school locally. I am sure many of you are wondering why she would not just go home to North Carolina and do all of this with her mom and dad and two younger sisters. Believe me, this was fully discussed. In the small town where they live, there are no close colleges in commuting distance. And we all felt strongly that finishing her education is a must. Plus, there are still two kids at home that need the full attention of their mom and dad!

    Our granddaughter arrived late that night, so the next day and after many tears, we sat down to discuss what she felt she should do. Gratefully, abortion and adoption were not what she wanted! So, we began to discuss with her what we felt was a viable option. She listened and had many questions! With our previous experience, we tried to explain what the next months and years could have in store. But no matter what, it was going to be very hard!

    Our granddaughter agreed and made the decision to move to Texas and live with us. Another great part of the plan is that her other grandparents also live in Katy! They would be a great big help as well while she attends classes to finish her education.
    Within a few days, our granddaughter returned to Tennessee to attend the fall semester. One month later, Hurricane Florence hit just south of their family home in North Carolina. By God’s grace, her family left prior to impact. But upon returning, they opened the door to devastation. The roof had collapsed due to all the rain and flooded their home. Thankfully, our granddaughter was in Tennessee.

    At the end of December, we went to Tennessee to help her pack up and move here. She enrolled in Blinn College for the spring and took two classes. On March 7th, with grandparents and two sets of great-grandparents present, her precious baby girl was born.

    This baby has changed everyone’s life and continues to each and every day. We love every moment and praise God for this time with this new mom and her little one. How very grateful we are that they did not have to endure months of being displaced while repairs were completed on the family home in North Carolina. Not to mention that a fire occurred in the rental house her family was living in!

    Of course, God knows everything and nudges all of us in the way we should go. That is why they are here! On May 12th not only did our granddaughter celebrate her first Mother’s Day, but her beautiful baby girl was dedicated to the Lord at The Fellowship!
    I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

    Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.
    Psalm 139:14

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