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The Lord Provides

    Sep 26, 2021 | by The Fellowship

    I was born in Colombia, South America, and moved to the United States in 1991. The middle child in our family, I was very close to my mother growing up and we made many wonderful memories together!  All my life, I have received great support from her, but especially when my three kids were little.  She would come every year and stay with us for several months.  We all were blessed by her visits and particularly enjoyed the delicious meals she prepared for us.

    In 2014, she was diagnosed with a Degenerative Brain Disorder, and we started noticing how her fine motor and cognitive skills were declining.  In the last two years, her condition has worsened. The isolation brought by Covid and the restrictions on travelling have affected her emotionally and physically. Unfortunately, she began to fall more often and today requires 24-hour care and assistance to walk for even short distances. 

    My older sister is taking good care of her, and my brother is also helping with transportation needs and  shopping for groceries.  We stay in very close contact with each other, trying to do the best we can for our mother.  But I worry about my sister because she is bearing the brunt of the load by caring for her 24 hours a day.  I understand how difficult it is to be the full-time caregiver.

    In May upon visiting with my family in Colombia for several weeks, I saw how my presence was needed both to stimulate my mother and to give my sister a break. The Lord convicted me to move back home for an extended period of time.

    During the summer, I started considering how to make that work. Being a physical therapist, I knew employment would still be here when I returned. The idea came to sell my house since I am divorced and my kids have already moved out of the house.  So I laid it out before the Lord.  Prayer after prayer, Sunday after Sunday, I received confirmation from the Lord.

    Finally, the house went on the market on Friday, August 13th.  Several offers were received the first weekend, and one of them was too good to pass up!  My house sold after just two days of being listed for sale.

    But right in the middle of all this activity, I got sick with Covid!  For almost three weeks, I was very miserable!  But God was with me through it all and I recovered just on time for the closing. Thanks, Prayer Team, for all your support during that time!

    The Lord blessed me with several friends who came to help me clear out the house.  All three of my kids arrived for Labor Day weekend, and when they left, the house was empty and clean -- ready for the final step.

    We gave thanks to the Lord for allowing us to use this house (His house) for six-and-a-half years. Our understanding is very clear that we really do not possess anything on this earth!  He owns everything and we are just passing through on the way to our final destination—Heaven!

    My mother was very excited when she heard that I sold the house!  Her excitement was even greater when I told her about purchasing tickets to travel on October 19th.  My plan is to stay in Colombia for four months, but I will continue seeking the Lord’s guidance.  His plans are better than mine could ever be!

    And so is His provision!  I needed a place to live for five weeks, and the Lord did something incredible:

    In 2017 when Hurricane Harvey came, our church provided great support to the community.  One of the ways was to invite families who had become homeless to live with us until they could get re-established.  I was blessed by receiving at my house a lovely lady and her son who stayed for seven months. We became friends and have kept in touch since then.  I never imagined that she would be the instrument the Lord has provided for this season in my life!  She opened her house and is hosting me until October 19th.  ALL GLORY TO OUR AMAZING GOD!


    “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived
    what God has prepared for those who love him.”
    1 Corinthians 2:9


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