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The Last Thing Expected

    Nov 14, 2021 | by The Fellowship

    Just a few weeks ago, my family moved from Katy to Pisgah Forest, North Carolina.  Having lived in Durham, NC, before, we had always visited this area in hopes to live there one day. Needless to say, we were very excited about the move ... and about our lovely new home that we purchased in the mountains.

    I have a chronic health condition that had been dormant for a while. It first surfaced after the birth of our son more than four years ago. To my dismay, not long after we moved into our new house, symptoms such as diarrhea, pain, chest tightness and brain fog began to emerge once again.  I reached out to a prayer intercessor at The Fellowship who has prayed with me through similar attacks in the past.

    The other morning while praying for our Lord to once again heal me, I felt Him strongly urging me to do a biofeedback scan on myself.  As a professional nutritionist with clients who seek dietary help to solve health problems, I frequently recommend a biofeedback scan. It helps show what underlying issues could be affecting one’s health – like thyroid insufficiency, sleep problems, hydration, etc.

    I have toyed with the idea of doing this scan ever since my health problem first emerged.  It could possibly reveal information about what is going on with me!  But I did not do it because of fear of potentially having to face some realities that I would rather not face!

    While in prayer that morning, I could not get the scan out of my mind and finally said, “Fine, God, … if You are calling me to take this test, I will do it!”  Biofeedback uses sensors attached to your body to measure key functions of the body.  It is intended to help you learn more about the way your body works.

    When I scanned myself, the results were shocking!  They showed “mycotoxins”(mold) ... everywhere. I immediately did a Google search on mycotoxins and the common effects were inflammatory reactions and all the other symptoms that I had been experiencing!

    Running to find my husband, I explained what I had discovered and asked him to find someone to do a mold test on our house. He immediately started a search and found someone who could come within the hour. It turns out we have mold growth underneath our floor and mold spores have been coming up through the air vents!  What a shock to realize that we have been breathing them in! Not only that, the level is “severe” and unsafe for any of us to be in the house because it causes allergic and respiratory problems!

    Quickly packing up, by 6 p.m. that same day, we were on the road to my grandparents’ home in West Virginia seven hours away.  Here we plan to stay until the problem is completely resolved!

    We learned that mold problems are very common in our area of Pisgah Forest since it is an actual rainforest! When our house was inspected before the purchase, either the inspector missed the mold growth underneath the house -- or it happened quite recently because mold can spread very rapidly when conditions are right!

    Workers are busy sealing the crawl space underneath our house and the underside of the floors.  They will also install a dehumidifier. After that is completed, we should not have any more problems with mold and can move back in.

    What a praise that in just one day away from our house, my symptoms were more than 50 per cent gone!  I am so grateful!  Mold as the source of my health problems was the last thing I expected!  How thankful I am that the Lord pushed me to do the biofeedback scan!

    S. Y.
    There is a God in heaven who reveals mysteries
    Daniel 2:28




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