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No Doubt

    Jan 17, 2021 | by Nancy Newbrough

    My wife and I moved to Fulshear last year in May.  We began looking for a new church to get planted in and discovered The Fellowship where we absolutely love the messages and the welcoming atmosphere.  The first time we ever attended The Fellowship, I was made to feel very welcome by Pastor Brian. That really meant a lot to me and The Fellowship has become our new church home. 

    At the time, I was once again dealing with extreme lower back pain.  I hurt my back in 1987 while working in a factory in Ohio and have dealt with lower back pain on and off since then.  About once a year, my back would go out for about three days and then return to normal.  

    After playing a round of golf in October, I felt the pain return.  After a week, it was still there. I started seeing a local chiropractor who scheduled twice a week treatments.  I bought an Inversion table and started doing that twice a day.  My back did not get better.  I began stretching exercises, but still no relief.  Even daily Epsom salt baths did not help.   

    In January, 2015, Jesus Christ permanently removed my 30-year addiction to alcohol and drugs after eight failed attempts in rehab centers.  Since He removed my addictions when nothing else worked, I know the healing power of the Holy Spirit through prayer and the laying on of hands.  

    Right before Christmas, an X-Ray revealed something very disturbing.  In layman’s terms, my lumbar spine was starting to have a very unnatural curve in it -- which was causing the severe pain. The prognosis was not very good. 

    While valuing the doctors’ opinions, I know that medicine and physicians do not have the final say.  My Heavenly Father is the Greatest Physician in the Universe!  So, after hearing this diagnosis, I did what should have been done in the first place … I asked my pastors to pray over me. 

    When my wife and I attended worship the next Sunday at The Fellowship, Pastor Robert said from the pulpit, “If anyone needs prayer, please find me after service and I will pray for you.” I felt the Holy Spirit speaking through him directly to me. When my wife and I spoke to Pastor Robert, I explained my situation and expressed my belief that Jesus Christ could heal me.  Both Pastor Robert and Pastor Brian laid hands on me and my back while praying for total and complete healing. 

    I walked away that day knowing that I had been totally healed.  Sometimes, as we all experience, God works on a different timetable than what we want and expect – which is instant and immediate gratification.  I admit that as far as patience goes, I must have been absent the day God was handing it out.  They prayed over me the beginning of December and for the next month, the pain got increasingly worse.  

    I never lost hope, though!  When my chiropractor would ask how I was doing, my answer was: “My back is killing me, but I am healed in Jesus’ Name.”  He really did not seem to know what to say! 

    The week after Christmas, my chiropractor was on a week-long vacation.  So I decided to go see my old chiropractor in Greenway Plaza.  She did a treatment and gave me some stretching exercises.  I went home, did the stretching exercises, and got in my prayer closet.  Praying to the Holy Spirit, I restated my belief that I had already been healed!  The next day upon waking up, I felt immediate relief.  Praise Jesus! 

    I have since started physical therapy for my back and my therapist is a fellow Christian.  Upon telling her I was healed in Jesus’ Name, she said, “Amen, I believe that!”  My lower back today has absolutely no pain in it!

    I know that from time to time I may have some back pain.  I also know that I have been healed by the blood of Jesus.  Just like He took drugs and alcohol out of my life permanently, I believe that my back will likewise be permanently healed from pain if that has not already happened.  It is on God’s timetable.  My part is to believe that Jesus Christ has healed me.

    If you wonder about ever getting healed from the physical pain you are in, then I urge you to reach out to Jesus and ask others at church to pray over you and with you. Then just believe that you are already healed and watch the miracle happen!  

    Thank You, thank You, Lord Jesus, for healing me!  All glory to You, my Lord and Savior, who hears and answers my prayers!  Amen!


    But when he asks, he must believe and not doubt.
    James 1:6 

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