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Just Wait

    Jul 18, 2021 | by The Fellowship

    On Friday, May 28, there was a very bad storm in our area which included high winds and hail. It had been raining almost nonstop that week with storm and hurricane warnings. On that evening, though, we had not received any storm notifications from the local news streams. 

    However, a storm came charging in and at 9 p.m. the power went off. Since moving to Texas in 2017, we have been getting acclimated to the loud booms and cracks of thunder and lightning accompanied by heavy rains here in Katy. Our family got into bed knowing power would come back on and all would be well in the morning. 

    My husband and I were all settling into bed, we noticed some dark stains on the walls of the master bedroom and immediately figured out that it was water coming through the roof. There was not much we could do at that moment but wait until the morning to call our insurance company. This immediately concerned me because we are first-time homeowners and had no clue how the insurance process works.

    I called the insurance company first thing Saturday morning. Of course, the office was closed and it was the long Memorial Day weekend! We left a message on the voicemail and started searching for a roofer as more rain was expected that weekend.

    I did not know where to start. There are lots of roofers around, yet from horror stories told by friends, you cannot just pick one at random. When we checked with our neighbors to see how they were doing after the storm, some had experienced similar damage to their roofs. They had been calling roofers, but soon discovered that crews had either taken the long weekend off or were too busy to come by until the following week!

    I was concerned -- but not worried or anxious for some reason. The old me before becoming a Christian would have been a frantic mess.  I would have made irrational, quick decisions and called anyone and everyone just to find someone who could come and take a look at our roof right then. But something told us to just wait. 

    On Sunday morning we got to church, dropped off the kids in Fellowship Kids like we typically do, and walked into the worship center to sit in our usual seats. When I looked to my left, I was happy to see a new friend that I had made the Sunday prior. She brought her husband this week, and I was glad to see him beside her! 

    That morning, I submitted a prayer request through The Fellowship app, just asking God to move in our roof situation as I did not know what to request specifically. I prayed we could at least find a roofer.

    Immediately after service, I approached my friend to introduce her to my husband and for us to meet hers. We got to talking right away about Texas as they were new to the area and had also moved from California. Of course, the weather came up and we related how the bad storm a couple of days ago caused some damage to our roof, mentioning: “We cannot find a roofer to come look at it because this is a long weekend.” 

    The couple looked at each other, laughed, and she said, “This guy’s a roofer,” pointing at her husband. My heart literally skipped a beat out of shock and I immediately thought, “Lord, that was quick! Thank you, thank you, thank you, God!”  He offered to come look at our roof the next day -- which was Memorial Day!  We were stunned and beyond grateful for how God had quickly moved and brought these new friends into our lives. 

    That same day, the insurance adjuster, after listening to my voicemail, called and scheduled a visit to look at the roof at the same time as the roofer. Not only did they find the area causing the leaking, but also other areas on our roof with wind damage. The adjuster stated that the amount of damages made us eligible for a whole new roof and all would be covered by our insurance company! 

    I know it was the Holy Spirit who gave me the reassurance to be patient and have faith, to focus on Him and trust He would handle the rest. He not only answered our prayers -- but answered mightily! It was awesome to see God move in our situation with a great ending – a new roof and new friends! 


    Find rest, O my soul, in God alone;
    my hope comes from him.  
    Psalm 62:5


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