It Just So Happened

    Jan 27, 2019 | by Nancy Newbrough

    For more than a month, I had been in pain while waiting for a scheduled hysterectomy and surgical repairs -- and really wanted to get it over with. However, I was very nervous and uneasy about the surgery and even started to walk away when checking into the hospital. The Prayer Team at The Fellowship was lifting me up continually!

    On January 8th, the surgery took place.  It should have taken about three hours, but six hours later, I was finally moved to post op.  When I woke up, the pain was so horrific that no medication gave me any relief.  When I asked my daughter, “Did they get everything done?”  I could tell by her face that something was wrong. She tried to avoid answering me, but I kept asking direct questions and she could not lie.

    Unfortunately upon opening me up, the doctors could not find my uterus because of a massive amount of scar tissue.  They began cleaning out the scar tissue and came upon my colon because it was not even close to the position it should have been in!  While trying to move it, the colon perforated because it had attached itself to the abdominal wall.

    Perforation of the colon is terribly dangerous, and the possibility of sepsis (infection in the blood) is great.  A call went out for a surgeon who could repair my colon.  By the grace of God, the surgeon’s name at the top of the list just so happened to be in the hospital and available.  He came immediately to make the extensive repairs. All those involved said it was a miracle that he was available!

    My life was in God’s hands, and He provided the very best surgeon at exactly the right time!  The three-inch tear on my colon took five hours to repair. This was the pain I awoke to.  The doctor said it was like a gigantic open sore inside because of all the removal of scar tissue as well as the repairs he made. I had to stay in the hospital seven days instead of the one that was anticipated.

    In the meantime – God was not done providing.  A dear friend was in town to help me once I was discharged -- though I did not get to go home when expected.  She set out to get my home prepared as the additional surgery had put me in a position where taking care of myself (I live alone) was not going to be possible for a time.

    A major problem would be getting in and out of my bed, which was very high.  I told my friend to cut the legs off to get it lower, but she was determined to salvage my four-poster bed.  She searched all over town for a king bed frame that could be set inside my headboard and footboard and thus lower the mattress.  But no one had a bed frame at a reasonable price.  She tried resale shops like Katy Christian Ministries and Goodwill with no luck.  While backing her car out of the last place on her list, she saw a sign on a store advertising mattresses and decided to give it a try.

    When she asked about the cost of a bed frame, the price started out reasonable.  But then another thing was needed . . . and then another . . . and pretty soon, it was too much.  This dear lady was upset and began telling the husband and wife who owned the store about “her friend” who was in the hospital and what had happened.

    The gentleman who owned the store told his son to go get a bed frame from the back of the store. My friend said, “Oh, do you have a used one I could have?” The gentleman responded, “No, I have a new one.  You are helping your friend, and I am going to help you!” She began crying at the generosity of this man and his family!

    That was only the beginning of God’s miraculous provision for my needs.  I came home from the hospital in a much weakened condition and needing someone with me at all times.   My diet was also very restricted.  My grown children have many responsibilities and have helped as they could, but God has brought many people to fill in the gaps.  There has been someone with me continually day and night! Food specially prepared for my needs keeps coming in. It seems that as soon as a need is identified – someone is there to take care of it.  Only our Lord could make that happen! Please pray with me that I will heal perfectly and that my body returns to normal functioning without more surgery!

    God promises that His children do not have to go through the trials of this life alone, that He will “never leave us or forsake us.”  I have experienced this as never before in my life! As we cry out to Him continually, He is faithful to meet our needs and answer prayers, sometimes before they are uttered. All glory to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, our hope now and forever!                                                                                                                


    And my God will meet all your needs
    according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus. 
    Philippians 4:19



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