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Go to Your Knees

    Jan 24, 2021 | by Nancy Newbrough

    On December 26, Sam, a senior football player at the local high school our oldest daughter attends, was in a serious car accident at night on his way home from work. When his car rolled, he was ejected in a field and suffered a traumatic injury to the left side of his brain. The first to arrive on the scene was a couple who used their phone flashlights to look in his car. They saw no one, but the airbags had been deployed. So they began searching the surrounding area, and with another couple who stopped to help, found the unconscious young man. They immediately began praying over him while calling 911 for help. Sam was life-flighted to the Medical Center.

    Sam’s mother acknowledges that from the very first moment she and her husband learned about the accident, faith in our Lord and prayer have played a very significant role in Sam’s amazing recovery. “In our family when anything tough happens, we have taught our five children to go to their knees,” she said. As soon as his brothers and sisters learned of Sam’s accident, they started calling relatives and friends, including our family, to pray.

    Within hours, hundreds of people were praying for Sam, including prayer warriors at our church and many other churches. The very next night a prayer event was organized for loved ones and friends to join in lifting him before the Great Physician for healing. Facebook updates kept everyone informed about ways to pray specifically. Over the next few days, thousands joined in interceding for him, including coaches and athletes from all over the country.

    Someone went back to the field where the accident happened to look for anything important that might have been left behind. Sam’s key chain with a cross on it was found in the brush. He had just received It as a Christmas gift. It is no surprise that Jesus held Sam that night and is continuing to hold him. The cross is now back in Sam’s possession, and its symbolism continues to give his family strength and hope.

    From the moment Sam reached the hospital where evaluation and treatment began, amazing things have happened! For a number of days, he was under sedation to allow his brain to begin healing. There were challenges and setbacks, but progress was steady. Doctors and nurses were impressed by how much he advanced in such a short amount of time -- and attribute it to the power of prayer. One nurse said, “It is the fastest progress I have ever seen.”

    On the ninth day, he said “Mom” and on the tenth day, he walked! Then on the thirteenth day, he was transferred to the Texas Institute for Rehabilitation and Research. At three weeks, he was throwing a football with his mom and discharged to home with continuing outpatient therapy at TIRR.

    Sam’s progress is nothing short of a miracle, and God continues to answer the thousands of prayers that have been storming heaven. But Sam still has a way to go! Please continue to pray specifically for complete restoration of cognitive ability, focus, strength, endurance, memory, and speech – and that this senior can finish his classes and graduate in May!

    Please also pray for ... his brother to be able to focus as he returns to college to continue his freshman year ... his twin brother and his two sisters to understand the best ways to help their brother as he is now at home ... his parents as they care for Sam and their very busy family.

    There are not enough words for us to express our gratitude to God for what He has done and He is continuing to do! Our heartfelt thanks to each of you who is playing such a part in Sam’s progress through your prayers! May the name of our Lord Jesus Christ be forever praise.


    “For where two or three are gathered in my name,
    there as I among them.

    Matthew 18:20

    To read more about Sam’s story and miraculous recovery, visit StandwithSam on Facebook.


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