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Full Circle

    Aug 29, 2021 | by The Fellowship

    God taught me a long time ago that His plans far exceed my own! When my husband and I were in pre-marital counseling, our biggest conflict was that he wanted to move out of the state of Michigan, and I did not want to leave our families and all that was familiar. Had I known then, what I know now – unwillingness to change is not the attitude a follower of Christ should have!

    God has a sense of humor and moved us first to Texas to teach and then across the globe to Malaysia. He said, “I will show you that My plans are always the best plans!”

    For the last three years, we have lived and taught in Texas.  About 12 months ago, my husband and I began feeling led to move back to Michigan to be closer to our families. This year seemed the best time as our daughters are entering high school and junior high respectively, and our son kept saying he wanted to be closer to his cousins, aunts and uncles, and grandparents. 

    My husband's childhood friend has been serving as the high school principal at our alma mater in Michigan.  Early this summer, he was promoted to superintendent for the district and asked my husband to interview for the high school principal position.  My husband had recently accepted a position as a head coach in a neighboring district of Katy. There have been some red flags during his short time in this position.  Since it is a new campus, he ended up having to coach both football and basketball because not enough teachers/coaches were hired. This information was not disclosed to him in the interview. As a result, he would have to miss all of our daughters’ volleyball games. As he was praying about the new opportunity and consulting with friends, one spoke up and said:  “If God opens a door, walk through it.” So we did!

    His first interview was in June on Zoom. The second was in Michigan during our already-planned vacation to see family and friends. We (including our children) were at peace knowing  that no matter where God sends us, it will be a mission field and we will serve Him. Our trust is fully in God to make our steps known.

    During the third interview, my husband was sent on a comprehensive tour of the high school. When he walked back into the interview room, the school board offered him the job!  All of us in the family were at peace with the decision. As our older children have prayed about moving, their faith has flourished. Before, my husband and I felt our children were living through our faith rather than their own and prayed fervently for God to move in each of their hearts.  He has clearly grown their faith through this experience! 

    Upon arriving home from Michigan, we had only three weeks to pack up, sell what we could, and get our house ready to put on the market. We called our very good friend from The Fellowship, Missions Pastor Glenn Lerich, to help get our house ready to sell. It seemed that once we got one problem solved, another would pop up!  Satan was doing his best to keep us in Texas, but God gave us unexplainable peace.  Friends and neighbors worked tirelessly to help us.  Our house went on the market on a Thursday evening, and by Sunday, we had an offer above asking price!

    Another big prayer request was for me to find a teaching job. I was contacted by a Christian school asking me to interview for a position to teach PE and art. Two friends had submitted my name. I was ecstatic! Just a few months earlier, I had asked my principal in Texas if I could switch positions and teach PE at my school.  I was told someone else was being considered for the position. But God knew the desires of my heart and provided!  I was hired by the Christian school the very next day.  Also, I filled out all the paperwork and paid the fees for Michigan certification and received it that same day.

    On Thursday, July 29th, we finished packing the moving truck and headed to Michigan. My sister is graciously allowing us to stay with her until we can find a home. In May, she had bought a house with four bedrooms to accommodate us while we were there on vacation. The housing market is really tight right now, but we are trusting God to provide a home suitable for our family.

    Every detail that we have prayed for, God has worked out.  It is amazing to see how our lives have come full circle.  We are so very blessed to have a loving Father who cares about everything in the lives of His children! If you follow the Lord wherever He leads, HE will make your paths known!

    D. A.

    In all your ways submit to him,
    and he will make your paths straight

    Proverbs 3:6

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