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Facing the Unexpected

    Aug 28, 2022 | by The Fellowship

    Vacations are supposed to be times to relax, make memories, visit friends/family, and experience new adventures.  After a couple of years of virtually no travel, my husband and I started out last month on a two-week road trip with great expectations. 

    Day one was an enjoyable drive through West Texas.  Day two we were scheduled to arrive at the home of a college buddy in western Colorado.  One hour into our drive on day two, our car ceased accelerating past 60 mph and would not go past 2000 rpm’s.  Going up any type of incline was a real struggle.  We were in the middle of nowhere with lots of nowhere in the miles yet to be traveled.

    When we contacted roadside assistance, miraculously they were able to find our exact location and confirm that the nearest dealership was 200+ miles in Pueblo, CO. The car was able to be driven, just not able to maintain any speed over 60 mph.

    In faith, we lifted our need to God, contacted family and friends for prayer, and forged onward.  When stopping for gas, we prayed that the car would actually start again after the fill-up.  Thankfully, it started easily and hours later, we arrived in Pueblo.  It was Sunday and the dealership was closed, so we found a hotel, had dinner, and planned to visit the dealership in the morning.  

    The dealership quickly determined that the engine needed to be replaced.  Thankfully, at 72,000 miles, engine replacement was covered under the 100,000 mile drive-train warranty.  The courtesy vehicle for the dealership took me to a Hertz rental car location nearby.  The sweet driver returned a few minutes later to make sure I was able to get a car.  My husband relies on a bulky walker and with our luggage, our needs for a road trip were for an SUV.  None were available until later in the day. The courtesy driver offered to take me back to the hotel so I could check on my husband and pass some time.

    Checkout was 11 a.m.; however, the hotel staff graciously allowed us to stay in our room until 2 p.m. when our car was to be available.  Hertz, instead of sending a shuttle to pick us up with our luggage, actually brought the vehicle we were renting to our hotel so that we would not have to transfer baggage multiple times. 

    Although our plans were delayed by a day, we were anxious to get back on the road and reach our destination.  The rental car was a wonderful, spacious SUV that handled well on the road.  We arrived in Grand Junction, CO, without incident.  After a few days visit, we left for Las Vegas to meet up with family members driving in from Los Angeles.

    Along the way we realized a need for gas when we were once again in a remote area with few services.  God continued to protect us and provided a gas station which was literally in the middle of nowhere.  We not so gladly paid $5.19 per gallon, knowing we needed gas and needed it now.  In Vegas we enjoyed our time with family, saw a Cirque show, revisited Red Rock Canyon, and saw the Mob Museum.

    Before leaving Vegas, we scheduled a virtual appointment with our family doctor because my husband’s runny nose had evolved to a really bad cough which hampered sleep.  The doctor prescribed some medications and we left Vegas as planned, next checking into a hotel in Las Cruses, New Mexico.  The following morning, my husband woke up feeling bad and unable to travel. As the morning progressed, things did not improve so we headed to a local hospital.  No one was in the ER waiting room and we were seen immediately.  Tests were run and a diagnosis of pneumatosis intestinalis was determined -- with admission to ICU.

    We stayed in Las Cruses three days and all symptoms improved and stabilized. Thankfully, surgery was avoided.  With our assurances that we would schedule doctor visits upon returning home, the hospital staff reluctantly discharged us.  Filled with gratitude for good medical attention, yet anxious to finally get back home, we left for an uneventful return to Katy.

    In reflection, God was our protector and provider through two plus weeks of travel.  He provided road assistance; a gas station; a generous car warranty; a courtesy vehicle with a thoughtful driver; a hotel that extended checkout time with no additional fee; a rental car staff that provided the convenience of delivering our vehicle to our hotel, and doctors and nurses who skillfully addressed medical needs.  We certainly made some memories, visited with friends/family, had some new adventures, and relaxed -- knowing God had solutions for all our trials.

    L. L.

    For the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous
    and his ears are attentive to their prayer …
    1 Peter 3:12


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