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Always Be Prepared

    Dec 12, 2021 | by The Fellowship

    Having grown up in Chicago, I was blessed when my family moved to Allen, Texas, (northeast of Dallas) while I was in high school.   After graduating this past May, I was excited to be able to continue my education at one of the mega state universities in Texas.  I come from a strong Christian background and love sharing my faith in Jesus with others!

    The first day of class was exciting!  Outside my dorm a Christian student group was handing out T-shirts to anyone who would fill out a brief survey about their interests.  I placed a check by Bible study, mission trips, retreats and weekly gatherings.  What a thrill it was to connect with a group of Christians on campus!

    On a recent Wednesday, I invited three of my friends to join me for lunch at one of the many dining halls on campus.  My plan was to get to know these guys better and tell them about what a difference my relationship with Jesus makes in my life.  I got word right before our meeting that my friends needed to catch up on their homework and were bailing on me!

    So, while eating lunch by myself, I noticed a guy sitting alone at the table next to me.  After finishing my food, I jumped up and went over to speak to him.  He was very friendly and easy to engage in conversation.  I noticed that he looked a little down, so I asked how he was doing spiritually.  Was faith an important part of his life growing up like it was in mine?

    He replied, “I actually went to church for the very first time in my life yesterday.  Two of my friends invited me -- and I liked it!”  When I asked, he was willing to spend a few minutes to listen to a brief, simple four-point explanation of why Jesus came to earth and what He did for us.  My new friend responded with great questions.  It was obvious that he had already picked up a good bit of knowledge about who Jesus was.  Though not ready yet to pray to receive Jesus as his Lord and Savior, he expressed the desire to learn more about Him and God’s plan of salvation.  I suggested that he get started by reading the gospel of John in the New Testament.  He was also receptive to meeting again to talk and offered his phone number.

    “I wonder if it is a coincidence that yesterday I went to a church service for the first time ever – and today God sent someone to tell me more about Jesus and what He did for the people He created?” this guy asked.  “This is the first time I have eaten in this particular dining hall, and I also have a class that meets at this time.  But I just did not feel up to going to class today.  My dog died yesterday,” he sadly shared.

    We talked a bit about the hurt of losing a pet. It was obvious that this opportunity to share his sorrow with someone was a good thing.  And I just tried to the best to my ability to answer questions he had about Christ.  I am looking forward to getting together with him again soon.

    God’s Word reminds us that we are always to be prepared to share about our hope in Jesus Christ.  My constant prayer is that I will stay tuned to the Holy Spirit at all times so that I do not miss the opportunity to share with anyone whose heart He has opened to listen and receive Him!       

    C. U.
    We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors,
    as if He were making his appeal through us.
    2 Corinthians 5:20




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