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All Glory to Him

    Mar 14, 2021 | by The Fellowship

    Soli Deo Gloria. Great is His faithfulness! Since June 2019, I have constantly had severe eczema on my hands, mostly the fingertips. Eczema (atopic dermatitis) is a condition that makes the skin itchy and red. It can occur at any age, lasts for long periods, and tends to reoccur periodically. There is no known cure for eczema.

    My fingertips would crack and develop very deep fissures, which were excruciatingly painful. Just picking up a dish or trying to open any twist bottle or top would cause the fissures to break open. Any pressure on my fingertips would create new cracks. These would be anywhere from 1/8-1/2-inch long and could get fairly deep.

    I consulted with my primary care physician twice, then moved on to two dermatologists. (One dermatologist told me to use crazy glue to seal up the cracks. That only irritated and itched more!) I researched all the articles and remedies, natural and pharmaceutical on the market, trying anything that looked at all promising.

    Some things helped a little for a season, but once again, my hands would develop the painful fissures. I tried abstaining from gluten and sugar as well as cut out nuts and dairy. Since my primary occupation, quilting and sewing, involves the use of my hands, I prewashed all fabrics and even stopped working for extended periods. Any handwork with needle and thread caused lots of pain and holding the needle properly was almost impossible.

    I switched to the mildest of soaps and household cleaners. No dish has been washed without gloves. All to no avail! Slathering my hands with cream and medicines, I tried sleeping in cotton gloves and latex gloves with rubber bands at my wrists to keep the contents somewhat contained. That might help for a day or two, but the pain was still very intense. I began to wonder if something in our new house was causing this excruciating problem! Friends from all over the country were recruited to pray for me.

    Desiring to get back to work sewing and quilting, I became a bit creative. First, I would apply a cream or balm or lotion, then use little finger cots (coverings) on the ends of my fingers. This helped with the pain as I worked. Or I would apply a series of band-aids to my fingertips. It was awkward to say the least! Before this malady, I had rarely used even a thimble for hand sewing. Many days I had to cut the work short. I have cried, prayed, and had friends and family praying for some type of answer as to the cause -- or just for miraculous relief.

    After Christmas, I began a new regimen with a different routine. This involves the washing of my hands. Using the hottest water tolerable, I wash them for as long as I can and immediately follow up with some creams. My hands got better. At the same time, I had a Zoom appointment with yet another dermatologist who really listened to me. She prescribed a more powerful cream. This new cream, a steroid, in combination with lavender oil has made all the difference!

    I can now say my hands have been breakout free for several weeks! The combination of the new medicine and my little routine have improved my hands so that they are practically back to normal! No fissures or cracks! They are a little dry, but a good barrier cream keeps them comfortable. I can tell my skin is thicker and stronger, not as fragile.

    Recently, I may have discovered the cause of my eczema. I feel called to help others with food when they are ill or have another special need, so I took a meal to friends from church who had Covid. The menu was soup, homemade bread, and derby pie tarts. This dessert is a chocolate chip/pecan mini pie. I took six to the couple, reserving two for my husband and me to enjoy. After eating the one tart, my hands experienced another small breakout. I think I have found the culprit and will be avoiding pecans in the future!

    Praise God for His mercy! I promised to be careful to give Him all the glory and credit! How awesome is our Lord to answer prayer.


    for the Lord has heard the sound of my weeping. 
    The Lord has heard my plea; the Lord accepts my prayer. 
    Psalm 6:8-9


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