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Advance Preparation

    Jan 12, 2020 | by Nancy Newbrough

    Sometimes life can be so hard -- some seasons more than others!  I am always surprised at how God prepares us even when we do not know what He is about.  And how truly involved He is in my life and well-being.

    Last year was noteworthy in many ways, and all of them point to God’s goodness in spite of the heartaches.  For years I knew it would be beneficial for me to go to Al-Anon, a worldwide fellowship that offers a program of recovery for the families and friends of alcoholics -- whether or not the alcoholic recognizes the existence of a drinking problem or seeks help.

    I started attending Al-Anon last January.  For weeks I could not talk in the meetings as I processed what was unfolding in my heart.  Facing the reality that I had been raised in a Christian alcoholic home did not make sense and yet it was true.  God is so gracious as He is helping me walk through the 12 steps to recovery.  I am beginning to find healthier, God-honoring ways to process the brokenness.  Little did I know, He was preparing me for a need that was coming to use my newly found skills!

    During the year, my mom (who recently celebrated her 80th birthday) began to fall.  The first one happened when she blacked out in the shower and broke her ribs.  Throughout the past months, she has fallen six more times with no warning beforehand.  Each time we have prayed for healing and answers. Requests have frequently been submitted to The Fellowship intercessors to join us in lifting her before the Lord. 

    Around this time, I became aware of a 20-year-old dementia support non-profit group, Amazing Place, which is expanding its outreach to Katy.  I was invited to a breakfast to learn more and there I shared with some of the staff what was going on with my mother.  They promised to be there for me when and if needed.

    Eventually it was recommended that my mom be tested by a Neurologist. The results from the testing caused me to walk out of that appointment in shock -- and yet I had such peace that now we might have answers.  What I learned was that my mother’s vascular dementia was advancing.  This is caused by small strokes when the blood flow to the brain is interrupted.

    The dementia diagnosis has caused me extreme sadness.  But as I sit before God contemplating it all, He shows me His hand at work.  God arranged that I would be mentored through the Faithwalking experience to live more authentically as was intended when He created me.  Then I became brave enough to start the Al-Anon program and learned new skills for coping with life.  Finally, before we even had a diagnosis, He brought an invaluable resource through the Amazing Place dementia support non-profit.  I immediately turned to them for help once the diagnosis was given.  Not only have they given very caring support and resources for my mom, they have done the same for me as her caregiver!    

    I am so humbled that God is watching over me so dearly and answering our prayers.  God’s timing is so perfect!  He has been developing and preparing me for this season in my life.  I know beyond any doubt that He will walk with me as I strive to honor both Him and my mother.


     From the fullness of his grace,
    we have all receive one blessing after another. 
    John 1:16

    Caregiving, especially for those dealing with a loved one experiencing dementia, is a new and stressful role that requires special skills and knowledge.  Amazing Place is offering the innovative Savvy Caregiver Program at Kingsland Baptist Church beginning this Tuesday, January 14th, 2020.  This is a free, six-session, two-hour class to equip caregivers with practical skills for dealing with dementia.  The organization also offers brain health and memory training classes.  For more information, please email



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