A Vessel Used by God

    Jul 21, 2019 | by Nancy Newbrough

    (On Sunday, May 5, The Fellowship held ServeFest to bless and help others in our community. Much prayer went into the planning, preparation and execution of this outreach. One of the projects was a lovely brunch given at the Katy Pregnancy Help Center for clients and their families. The director of the Center recently shared with our church this story of the impact of the brunch!)

    A pretty, young girl came to the Pregnancy Help Center early in her first trimester as a referral from one of Katy’s high schools. I work closely with the PEP (Pregnancy Education Program) in Katy ISD and some of our classes parallel each other. This mom-to-be was quiet, shy and scared as many of our young mothers are. She was not sure having the child was the right thing to do for her or for the baby.

    Her parents were very unhappy! She shared that she loved her parents but knew she had disappointed them greatly. Thus, this young woman just did not want to ask them for help.

    She went through the initial visit and became acquainted with the resources that we offer. Immediately, she signed up for additional classes and asked if it was all right for the father of the child to also attend. That is a question that always thrills us! Yes, we always want an opportunity to educate fathers as well and to share with them the grace that only God can offer.

    The couple faithfully attended classes every week. Slowly this quiet and shy mom-to-be became one of ladies who made it to every room to talk to each one of us at the Center. She shared about the adventures of being pregnant, the church services they were attending, and how excited she now was about the baby she was going to have!

    Although the father was usually there with her, it was going on ten months before I ever really heard him say a full sentence. When their precious baby girl was born, all of us at the Center adopted her as "grandparents.”

    I have never seen a couple more loving to a small baby. She was constantly being carried around and shown off by the new dad! Although always polite, he did not share words with us! But his smile was a testimony to the difference this child was making in him.

    Two months ago, our Men's Bible Study began again, and the father quickly signed up. Because of work, he had to come in when there was only 30 minutes left -- but told us he just could not miss a session! Walking past the door, I heard him laughing and sharing and talking up a storm. It was unbelievable! I went back to my office, cried, and thanked God for his majesty!

    Then The Fellowship asked to bless our clients with a brunch -- and we got to see more of God's miraculous work take place. Not only did this young couple come, they also brought both sets of their parents with them to show them what they had "been up to" and why they had not asked for help. To see them all, bow their heads together before the meal was so heartwarming!
    As tours of our facility were being given, the maternal grandfather came into my office. With tears in his eyes, he said, "Thank you and God bless this Center! Thank you for standing in and taking care of my baby."

    I expressed my appreciation for his words but emphasized that the Pregnancy Help Center is just a vessel used by God. It is a place where we are given the opportunity to share the love, hope and grace that only the Lord can offer. He then asked how he and his wife could help! Praise God!

    Although this story is not over yet, the news we got this past week is amazing! The young couple is planning to get married this October in their church!

    Thank you, The Fellowship! Thank you for allowing us to share what God gives us in a unique way to bring families together. You truly were the catalyst that made one of the chapters of this story come full circle! God bless you!

    J. Z.
    And do not forget to do good and to share with others,
    for with such sacrifices God is pleased.
    Hebrews 13:16

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